Sunday, June 6, 2010

It's Blog Writing Time! (a bit like Clobberin' Time)

Hey y'all it's Sunday! 
I get the pleasure of writing the first blog in this project and I'm very excited. I wanted to do this blogging project because I want to write more and have an incentive to write. Writing with other Nerdfighters just seemed like a brilliant way to do so. Since I'm the first person in the cycle, I get to be the first to pick the theme. This week's theme is INTRODUCTIONS! 
 "Hi, my name is Katie and I'm addicted to all things nerdy"
"Hi Katie"
"You see, it all started in 6th grade...."
 Okay, I'm done pretending I'm in an addicts self help group, but I will tell you an abridged version of my story. In 6th grade I was bursting with excitement for the final book to come out. Unfortunately, not many of my friends at that time have read the Harry Potter series or had the same fetish for literature as I did. The only people I discussed theories with were my brother and my English teacher Mrs. Williams. Not many people liked Mrs. Williams, but I did.
Anyways, one day I went to Barnes and Noble looking through books and I found one amazing book called "What Will Happen In Harry Potter 7" by I read this book extraordinarily quickly and loved the discussions in that book. However, for some reason I forgot about it until a few months after I finished the last book. I found it while cleaning out book shelves (a chore I have to do twice a year or it gets out of control) and I leafed through it laughing at the theories and the probabilities of characters dying (ha, 0% chance of Dobby dying... SOOO SAD) I decided to find this so called "" and low and behold I found the most amazing thing I had seen in my life (that may or may not be Hyperbolic). It was a news site, community, and podcast all about Harry Potter. I started listening to the podcasts and I discoverd Wizard Rock. For those who don't know, Wizard Rock (or WRock for short) is a genre of music where bands sing about things that happen in the Harry Potter books. For instance right now I'm listening to Lumos Flies by ALL CAPS which is a parody of "Fireflies" except about Ron and Hermione at the Yule Ball. My favorite WRock band at the time was The Moaning Myrtles. While searching for their songs on Youtube I found this magical channel called Five Awesome Girls in which Lauren Fairweather from the Moaning Myrtles was in Through 5AG I discovered John Green's books and soon the Nerdfighter community. The Nerdfighter community introduced me to other branches of awesome like Chameleon Circuit, Doctor Who, Merlin, Maureen Johnson, Twitter, StarKidPotter and etc. Today I am starting my last week of a freshmen in High School and the only thing I regret is that I hadn't joined the community sooner.
So now that y'all know my story, I'll tell you more things about myself. My name's Katie and I'm 15 years old. I live in the midwest, however I have moved a lot and I was born in Puerto Rico. No, I'm not Hispanic, I'm one of the palest people you'll meet in your life and I know almost no Spanish. I'm extremely injury prone. I've broken my ankle by tripping over air, I constantly trip over cracks in the sidewalk, I fall up the stairs all the time, I somehow get hooked onto doors and block the doorway so no one can get through and so forth. I have a dog named Topsy who has super strength (I'm not kidding, tonight he broke a lead that is supposed to hold 100+ pound dogs... he weighs 17 pounds). I have an awesome brother named Scotty who is the Captain of the Bowling team and the President of SciFi Club. My parents spoil me very much so and I will probably appreciate them a lot in the future. I have several very good friends, including Emily and Hannah who are also part of this project.
There are many things about me that I haven't covered yet, but we'll leave those for later... alright? Nifty!

Jasmine, I'll read you tomorrow!!
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  1. You know, the fact that I said it would be an "abridged" version of my story says something :)

  2. I loved it Katie. :) Good job, and a great way to start off the project. I'm so happy to have found someone so much like thy self so early in to this project.

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  6. I never get tried of how easily I relate to nerdfighters. In a related story, I'm really excited about this project.

    I'm a little nervous because my story isn't nearly as interesting as your's, but I'll do my best.

  7. I'm really clumsy too, the other day I tripped on the stairs for no apparent reason and skinned my knees.

    Good job on your first post. :)

  8. Well done, Katie :)
    My Nerdfighter story is also not nearly as interesting as your's, buy nevertheless I'm looking forward to write it!
    Btw I used to have a friend who always fell up the stairs, I think that's a more common problem than you think ;)
    - Sarah

  9. I apoligise for the excess comments, but BLOGGER kept NOT WORKING CORRECTLY. Also excited...

  10. Love you. And amazing job on the blog. if it wasn't for u I dont think i would have become a nerdfighter