Sunday, June 27, 2010

Do you like Waffles? I LIKE WAFFLES!

Hey girls it's Sunday! I just got back from Myrtle Beach this morning at 12:15. My trip was an excellent week of reading, swimming, eating, doing practically nothing, and eating. I apologize for the less than average quality of the last blog for I had to email Hannah it with my phone so she could post it for me and my phone only lets me write so much. Emily, the representative of Wednesday, chose the theme to be alike to the Impromptu event in speech where the speaker is given a quote or topic and gets 30 seconds to think of a speech and then speaks. However in this case I have 30 minutes (it is now 11:30), we get to choose our quote, and we write it! I like writing better than giving speeches, less pressure :).* My quote is:
" 'There was some important stuff hidden in the waffle,' said Hermione grimly." Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix uk edition p. 193
Life is like a waffle**, in which there are many different sections and holes that each person, or in the waffle's case, drop of syrup, may call her*** own, but altogether it is a whole circle that we share. Sometimes we focus too much on our individual holes of the waffle and we should think of the entire instead. I for one barely thing about or care about the BP oil crisis, sure, it;s an awful thing, but I'm flawed and I'm too far concerned with my grades or when the next Doctor Who episode will be aired. I should care about the entire whole of life how this disaster could impact it. Instead I, and many people, care about our own small divits of the waffle.. I care all too much about the lives of fictional characters, about clothing and looks, about money and books. Although, all of these things are un-important and we shouldn't care, there are important things hidden in the waffle of life, even in our little divits. We each make a difference with every person we interact with. If I hadn't became friends with my good friend Emily, I probably would have never showed my true Harry Potter obsessed self and became a nerdfighter. If Robby hadn't met me, he probably would have never been a nerdfighter or have been introduced to Doctor Who or have become slightly Harry Potter obsessed. Although these seem small things, I'm sure they will have an impact in our lives. Our circular waffle hides within itself love, understanding, passion, intelligence, and progression. Hermione was right, there is important stuff hidden in this waffle.**** What I don't understand is why she spoke of these marvelous things so grimly o_O.

Jasmine, I'll read you tomorrow.

- Katie
Currently listening to: A Guy Like You - The Hunchback of Notre Dame (it's one of my many embarajams)
Reading: Theater Geek: The Real Life Drama of a Summer at Stagedoor Manor by Mickey Rapkin
Quotes:     "You have talent! It's just not worthwhile and nothing to speak of." -Robby
                  Amy: If we had children, they would have really red hair
                  Doctor: The Ultimate Ginger

* I think I sound pompous and self-concerned in this paragraph, is it just me?
** Yes, I just compared life to food.
*** I use the female possesive pronoun because of Mrs. Butterworth's
**** I think this is the an excellent example of how far you can go with a quote out of context


  1. YES I LIKE WAFFLE... and waffles...

  2. lol, life is definitely like waffles.
    I can't wait till Tuesday, I love this theme.

  3. Omigosh, I really wish I had a copy of Order of the Phoenix, so I can look the context up! I am sad that I don't remember a quote as great as that.

  4. haha, it was after Umbridge's speech when she was announced the new DADA teacher and Hermioned said she learned a lot and then Harry said it just sounded like a bunch of waffle and then Hermione said that quote. Honestly I couldn't think of a good quote so I kinda just flipped through a few books and remembered that one. Taking quotes out of context is a fun hobby.