Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tuesday Used to be an Internet N00b

Hey bloggers it's Tuesday!

To start off let me say how glad I am that this is a blog and not a vlog and therefore doesn't involve you having to hear me right now, because I currently sound like a 12 year old boy going through puberty.

Anyways, I'm Tenley, and apparently, according to the poem Jasmine posted, I'm full of grace. Yay me... I would never have said that about myself, and I don't think anyone else would (except maybe my Mom), but I'll take it.

Because I suck at introductions and I don't want to write a paragraph where every sentence starts with "I'm", here's a list.

Basic Info:
Name: Tenley
Home: Virginia
Age: 18
Career plans: librarian
Education: Just finished my Freshman year of college as a liberal arts major.
Hobbies: writing, reading, youtube (youtubing?) and drawing (I'm not very good, just fyi).

Well, that sounded like a resume. Sorry, I've been job hunting all day. No luck so far, but hopefully someone will call. *crosses fingers*

As for how I found out about Nerdfighters and such, here's the story:

From the time I was born till the time I was 16 I lived in Michigan on this private road that Comcast refused to come down, so... we had dial-up. *GASP* I know, its shocking. However, after my junior year of high school my Dad got a new job and we all moved to Virginia, where, by the grace of God, we had high speed internet. So as you can probably imagine I spent the rest of the summer watching Youtube video, after Youtube video just because I could (for those of you who have never had dial-up it takes about 45 minutes to load a 4 minute video... on a good day).

Sometime at the beginning of September my government teacher announced that we'd be talking about the election and the V.P. choices tomorrow. When I got home I got online and on my iGoogle page in the most discussed box there was a video about Sarah Palin (John's video). At which point I clicked on it for two reasons, 1) I had high speed and I could and 2) I wanted to impress my classmates with how much I already knew.

So I watched the video. I liked the video. I didn't subscribe though because at the time my internet n00b of a self thought it was one of those "subscribe for 3.99 deals" (yes, I was that dumb). And so some time past but I kept seeing videos from that same guy (or Hank) and was like "is this all he does". Then on October 22nd I was watching one of their videos that I can't remember and got curious so I got an account and clicked subscribe thinking I could go back or close the window after I saw what was there. But I never got the chance, because another page didn't load, the button just turned white and said I was subscribed. And from there its just been a long tale of obsession and awesomeness.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow!


  1. Uggh, I'm glad I never had to go through dial-up, the way people talk about it it sounds awful! Don't worry, you weren't alone in the internet n00bness. For the longest time I couldn't figure out how to "turn on" the internet. Plus, the only sites I went to were nick.com and cartoonnetwork.com because I was obsessed with television as a child.
    I don't know where you girls get the idea that you're not good at introductions, they are all very awesome!

  2. We had dial-up for the first few years of my internet life and it was TERRIBLE!
    I like your introduction too, and you all have such cool stories how you became Nerdfighters :)
    Good luck with your job hunting!

  3. I admire your career choice. I think being a librarian requires a lot of strength and patience. Good luck. :)

  4. Never had dial-up and I refuse to ever have it. I could never be a librarian. Dont get me wrong I love books but I hate being quiet