Saturday, June 19, 2010

Let me introduce you Mischa

I have the craziest cat ever. Her name is Mischa, she is a bit more than three years old and looks really cute, but in fact she is a devil.

It already started when she was little: she used to climb up the legs of everyone (quite okay when you wore Jeans, but not so comfortable with other pants or even shorts) and jumped at everything that moved. E.g. those strings on sweatshirts or my hair. And it is definitely NOT nice when you have a cat hanging in your hair.
For a while I used to let her sleep in my room, but when she got bigger it was unbearable, because she only wants to sleep on my pillow. And she doesn't care if I already sleep on my pillow, because then she just lies down on my head.

Now she is a big hunter. There is not a day where she doesn't bring something home and so far she managed to bring at least ten different animals, inculding (sorted by frequency) lizards, mice, birds, dragonflies, worms, frogs, snakes, moles, bats and fish. Lately she at least brings them all into the bathroom. It is easiest to clean there.
Oh, I also have to tell you the story about the MOUSE. Last weekend night I was sitting in my bed, doing stuff at my laptop when I heard some noise, but I didn't really care about it. And then ten minutes later I saw a mouse running across my room and I was like: WTF what should I do now!? I was afraid that it would run under my bed and there it would be almost impossible to catch it. So I did the only thing I could think of: I got the cat. Five seconds in my room and she had caught the mouse and carried it in the bathroom. Cruel, I know... after a while I was feeling bad about it and went to look if the mouse was still alive and it was. It hid under the dirty laundry and Mischa was too stupid to find it, so I could save it and bring it to the garden.

In general my cat's life consists of three things: sleeping, eating, hunting. And she is crazy about all of it.
She always has her special sleeping places, which change now or then. At the moment it is a chair downstairs, my pillow and the couch. For a long time she used to sleep on a yellow blanket between our bedroom doors. It is important that the blanket is yellow, because that's her favourite color and she always carried the blanket (a big, normal blanket) all the way downstairs and through the cat doors into our storage room/basement sorta thing. Same with some stuffed animal (yellow, of course).
And about eating: of course we give her food three times a day, so she really can't be hungry (plus she gets food at our neighbor's), but every food time she comes and wants her food and she is always acting like she would starve to death. Then you give her some food, she eats a few bites and leaves. So all she wants is to make sure that there is food, so that she can come back later and eat it. And in the morning, she needs to have some butter. Addict.

There are many other stories about my cat, but those are the craziest I can think of now ;)
Here you have two pictures of her sleeping style:

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!

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  1. cats... they're so crazy, but so awesome

  2. Wow, if a mouse ran into my room I would have screamed, stood on something high so it couldn't touch me and then probably puked. But then again, I've had a fear of mice since I was little. So much so that my eyes keep darting to the two times I've written the word as if the word alone is going to attack me.

    I've only had one cat, but he wasn't as crazy as yours. In fact he wasn't crazy at all, but he was the fattest cat in the world. Seriously, I wish I had a picture.

  3. Yah I would have screamed my head off until my dad came and yelled at me. and I LOVE Chameleon Circuit

  4. Wow, you have all sorts of wildlife in Austria. Your cat is a miniature tiger, looks like one too.

  5. i love your cat! I really wish I had a cat, but mine died a year ago :(. Chameleon circuit is very very awesome.