Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Hey bloggers: it's wednesday!
I have a lot of siblings... and not that much time to write...

biologically I have 2 younger brothers, one who's 2 years younger and one who is almost eight years younger... not much to say there they like sports... the older one likes video games and airsoft guns... also bad music. He's going into 8th grade. the younger one is going into 2nd grade...

I also have pseudo siblings... Katie and Scotty...

Katie wrote about Scotty in her post... he's super cool... I wish my brothers were more like him... I want to tell stories, but I really can't right now because I'm on my brother's computer and he's impatient... you know katie...

so yeah...

what's going on:

1. My cousin Sam is going to be an extra in a movie called "I am number 4". He's cool and funny and stuff and it's going to look really good on his resume

2. Why I don't have my computer... 
During the summer I live about an hour away (summer town) from where I normally live during the school year (home town). Every now and then we leave summer town to do things like run errands and go to apointments in home town... today was one of those days, but when we were leaving hometown to go back to summer town we heard there was a tornado warning... so we're stuck here... and I didn't bring my computer with me to hometown for the day so... AH... and my brother won't let me use his computer for much longer. 

3. I leave for New York tomorrow (/friday... my train leaves at 12:22 AM) to go to Columbia writing camp for 3 weeks... really excited

4. Now you know that I can't spell and I let spell check spell for me on my computer... sorry...

5. If Haley will let me I'd like to post something where I actually talk about my siblings tomorrow when I get home and have more time... Haley: get back to me if you're okay with that.

Haley if I can or if i can't post again; I'll read you tomorrow

Listening to: Autoclave- The Mountain Goats
Reading: The Fountainhead and Brave New World (...and a bunch of other stuff)
Quote: "don't rape the ginger- then there might be more of them *shudder*" -theater class, speaker unknown


  1. Wow... Columbia writing camp? That's awesome!

  2. Writing camp sounds so awesome, I envy you!

  3. I'm fine with you posting another thing today.

    Two posts from two awesome people=More awesome than there would be if the second person hadn't posted.

    Did that make sense? I don't think that it did. Whatever though, it was a yes.

  4. One word: AWESOME

  5. @literarynerd I was going to, but had to catch a train... may just include it in next week's post... thanks anyways

  6. I'll kind of sort of miss you when you're at writing camp ems. Make friends, don't let the other kids beat you up, and share with others ok?