Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Hey girls it's Sunday!
This past week has been exciting in the regard it was the last week of school! Saturday was Graduation and I am now officially a Sophomore and my brother is officially a Senior. I leave for Myrtle Beach on Friday and I'm uber excited. Graduation was not all that fun. We more or less spent the whole time either standing in a line or sitting listening to speeches in the very hot and very humid weather about how the newly graduated Seniors will be experiencing new adventures and freedoms beyond our comprehension. I just survived my Freshmen year... yea! The only good parts of Graduation were when I made the awesome pun to my bestest friend Robby about how I was "hat-bending" (I stole his hat and he told me to stop bending it... it was necessary), when Mr. King (our grumpy, but charming bio teacher) had to approve all of the faculty's and Seniors' dress and posture and it was hilarious to see our grumpy history teacher in his blue poofy graduation gown with his blue poofy beret, and the fact that I sat next to one particular person the entire time.
However, that time has passed and right now my dog, Topsy, is lost and confused. Topsy sleeps in my room every night and today just so happens to be the day I clean out my closet and all my stuff in my room and dump it on to the floor. T-shirts, pairs of pants, jeans, and skirts, and collard shirts are strewn across the floor of my room entangled with clothes hangers, shoes, and a bunch of sharp things that I keep stepping on today. Topsy is lost and confused because he can't figure out how to get off of my bed and on to the floor because so much stuff is covering the surface. He finally found a small spot of carpet of which he could land on. However, he had just spotted his favorite chew toy and now he is struggling to figure out how to get to it with out being attacked by clothes hangers.
This bit of descriptive detail uncovers two traits about me. One, I'm a slob. Two, I'm a hoarder. If you ever come to my school in the middle of the school year (especially the end of 3rd quarter) you are bound to see one of the messiest lockers you would have seen in your life. Papers, essays, books, binders, containers, pencils, and pens build up along with the forgotten lunchboxes and jackets over a course of a few months and cause my beloved locker to look like a hurricane just hit it. Maybe my locker wouldn't look nearly as bad if it weren't for the fact that it will always be next to Josh Zacher's locker, the neatest and most organized person I know. But alas, my poor locker will always be contrasted to his and get the most (sometimes) undeserving glares of disgust and fear from my OCD classmates.
As to the second point I made, I am a very sentimental person, which explains why I have to keep everything that has even the tiniest bit of sentimental value. I can't delete text messages from one particular person (well, I can't delete texts from anyone because I lost my phone three months ago, but that's besides the point), I have kept my R.A.D. skirt since sixth grade just because it marked an era in my childhood. I've kept every single stuffed animal I've ever gotten (trust me that's a lot) because I knew at one point in time I loved them... and because I'm still afraid I'll hurt their feelings if I give them away. I still reread my favorite childrens books because I remember loving them and I remember my childhood as being a much simpler time without these grades, and futures, and permanant records, and whatever. Since I hoard everything I have clothing that I've had since 4th grade and I still can't get rid of them because of memories and stuff like that. (oh and I fit into some of the stuff because I weigh less now than I did in 6th grade... that's kinda scary when you think about it)
Overall, the fact that I am a sentimental slob does have a point. These two attributes cause me into getting in some trouble. If I wasn't such a slob I probably would do a bit better in school and my papers wouldn't always get crumpled. If I wasn't so sentimental I wouldn't have to nitpick through each and every text message or paper or note or anything to make sure it isn't reminiscent or from a particular person. However most importantly, If I wasn't so disorganized then there would be a theme and I wouldn't be just as lost and confused as Topsy. I should have organized a way for Jasmine to be notified and to have a spot to tell us this week's theme.... oops. I am sure you must be thinking.
"So this blog was basically a really drawn out story and explanation as to how you messed up?"
The answer is YES! One hundred and seventy five percent yes.
However, I also have a solution! Jasmine please tell us your theme in your next blog or on the ning or through email or some other convenient way and I will write to both the themes of Jasmine and Tenley next week.
Jasmine I am thrilled to read you tomorrow!
Katie Z
Listening to: Opus 17 by Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons
Currently reading: Cat's Cradle by Kurt Vonnegut (just finished Memoirs of a Geisha)
Quote: “It’s symbolic of the relationship between me and my friends!  That’s why it’s so small and fragile-looking.” -Tea from Yugioh: The Abridged Series

Addition to the post: So Jasmine just informed me that she posted the theme on my page, I didn't even think of checking there. From now on we agree to post the theme or other important stuff on the ning itself or email, okidokes? Cool, I take all blame for it. So instead of punishing my self I shall punish you by making the blog even longer!
The theme this week is "I Have the Craziest _____ Ever"
I have the craziest friends ever. You have already met Emily and Hannah and I can promise you the more you get to know them and the longer you know them the crazier and weirder they get. An example of this is last thursday. Ems, Hannah, JoAnna, and I were having a sleepover. This is how it went
Me: Well there are three options. We could
1. Party Down
2. Build a Tardis
or 3. PARTY DOWN!!!!!
JoAnna: ... let's build a Tardis
So we all go down to the garage get some cardboard boxes and tape them together and tape some blue wrapping paper on it and voila we have an almost finished carboard box.
Another example is a Halloween two years ago where JoAnna, Hannah, Ems and I dressed up as students from each of the four houses of Hogwarts and went around the neighborhood singing WRock songs.
I think Emily is the craziest one. She poured mountain dew all over her hair on a casual dare. She also randomly shows up at my house almost every Saturday to watch Doctor Who. When she's stressed out she lies down on the ground and starts screaming, but the ground muffles her voice so it just sounds like this very high pitched squealing. She does this outside after-school quite often and the teachers look at us very strangely, of course, we're used to that.
Hannah is crazy 'cuz... well, the best way to show this is to show what she wore to tacky day in middle school a year ago.
I think that explains her crazyness.
Well that's done for part two. I hope I fulfilled the theme plenty!
This time I say "Bye" for reals!


  1. I MISSED DR. PRICE IN HIS GRADUATION ATTIRE! GODDAMNIT. ALSO Scotty is a senior now... I mean... holy shit...

  2. That was a long and interesting entry Katie. It was funny how you ended it. Also, in regards of the theme, I posted two on your Nerdfighter page earlier this day, please check it out.

    I actually had to read your blog aloud so I wouldn't get lost in the text. Haha.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I checked so many times for it on the ning and email that I didn't even think to check on my page! I'm just going to add it on the end of my blog. I apologize for the longevity of the blog! I normally make up for quality with quanity

  5. katie, you miss used the word "longevity". also I'm so the craziest. also it's called keening. also our yahoo chat conversation is currently making me too sad to use "shift".


  6. also, I built a TARDIS and partied down so...


  7. Emily is also the most annoying

  8. lol, Building a Tardis sounds awesome... if I had boxes I would make one too.

  9. I also keep everything that has the slightest sentimental value for me... I cleaned out my writing desk a few days ago and I found stuff from half a decade!

    Love the picture :D

  10. Ok I couldn't stop laughing towards the end of this blog especially when I saw the picture of me from tacky day. How did u even get that picture? I got an extra dress down day for that so it was worth it. I think we're all a bit insane but that picture sums me up.