Thursday, June 10, 2010

Haley is pushed for time.

Hey bloggers it's Thursday!

To start this blog I would like to tell you that I only have ten minutes to write this because I have to go my dad's house, and my sister has been using the computer.  Darn her.

Well, I've never been great at introductions.  This is probably the reason that I only have one friend that I hang out with.

I remember my first introduction I was three years old and it was the first day of pre-school.  My speaking was not exactly the best, and I couldn't say my consonants.  So naturally my name was pronounce "A-e" for the first part of my life.  When a little girl named Racquel asked me my name, I told her.  Of course, then she couldn't get the thought in her mind that my  name was not in face Ae, and actually my name was Haley. This caused a bit of confusion, but she got over it after about a month.

All day, and the whole entire week, I have been thinking about my nerd story.  How had it happened?  I couldn't even remember.  I couldn't even really remember what my life was like before the age of ten.  Once, when I was four, my family was having a dinner party, and the host had puzzles.  She had put out those peg puzzles for me and my sisters, but she had put out a one hundred piece puzzle out for the grownups.  While the adults were in the kitchen I proceeded to not only get to the table, and get out the puzzle, but put the puzzle together upside down.  This seemed pretty nerdy to me.

From then on I burst in to the world of nerdom.  While all of my friends were playing with barbies, I was playing with my toy microscope, or trying to flush the barbie down the toilet...  While all of the other girls were chasing the boys, I was teaching the boys how not to get caught.  I was the little nerd child.

How did I become a nerdfighter?  Well, I had never really used the computer until I was about eleven years old, except to go on stupid websites.  Though in sixth grade I was having trouble with a math assignment and my teacher told me to look it up on youtube.  This, of course, sprouted a fascination.  As I looked through all of the Youtube videos I was amazed.  One day, a video from italktosnakes was recommended for me.  I watched it and fell in love with her absolutely spunky nature.  This in turn led me to vlogbrothers.  I now know that there are people out there just as nerdy as me.

I absolutely love that nerdfighters is here for me because out of all of my nerdy friends, none of them truly understand the exact nature of my nerdiness. They all just like to read, or like Harry Potter.  Nothing as severe as le nerdfighters.

As I can tell at the moment, this project will go epicly.  I'm loving everyone's blog posts.

I'm very sorry for that but I have to got.

Hannah I'll read you tomorrow.

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  1. Wow... you did a one hundred piece puzzle when you four? *does nerdfighter hand sign* Nerds FTW!

  2. Smart kid, already a Nerdfighter, that's how my children will be raised!: D

  3. That's awesome Haley. I think you're great at introductions (maybe you're better at writing?) If I ever have children I'm raising them to be 100% nerds for their entire lives. That's the way to go :)

  4. Haha. That's pretty cute, how you called yourself Ae.

  5. Love this. I just finished Will Grayson Will Grayson.

  6. 100 piece puzzles at age four are impressive... just saying