Thursday, June 17, 2010

Haley will win Best Dressed

Hello girls it is Friday  Thursday :)

I have the craziest sense of… fashion sense? style? 

               Normal people my age wear denim colored skinny jeans, with nice little cardigan sweaters, and big fluffy boots, or whatever.  I don't pay much attention to them.  I am however known as the "pants chick."  My name is known throughout the school as the girl with the colorful clothing. Everyone says that I'm a shoe in for Best Dressed in the year book next year. ;)

               I'll tell you a story of something that happened in Band, Monday to show you just how crazy I am about style. Okay, for the past week or so we have put away our instruments and watched movies.  First WALL-E and then the Iron Giant.  A few of my friends and I however decided to help organize the back room of my all so messy band room that hasn't been cleaned in roughly 15 years. My band teacher is rather cool (because he used to be in a band and so he is pretty laid back) and so he let us go through everything, and didn't really care what we did with it because it was all crap any way. Throughout the day on Monday he heard me say that I was Lady Gaga, he threw a sock at the back of some idiot boy's head, and he hid from the counselor. My friend Cassidy and I love the back room of the band room.  It has clothes from people who went home naked?  (we have no idea how the clothes got there, but they are there)  I got *cough* stole *cough* a sweatshirt that says "B#" on it. J  The decal isn't even centered, and the sweatshirt is huge.  It makes whoever wears it look like a slob. I still love it though.
              Also, I thought that I should tell you how I stole it from the band room, because then this will be an educational video and the fact that I stole it will be forgiven.  The band teacher told us to go put it in the Lost and Found even though it had been in there about 10  years.  On the way to the Lost and Found Cassidy was all "We're stealing this sweat shirt aren't we?"  And I just nodded like it was an everyday thing. Of course, with Cassidy and I it is, because things like that happen all the time.
               None of my clothes ever match.  The hoodie that I usually wear is a green and gray/white striped one that is a Slytherin hoodie. And my pants range from basic black to "pants on acid," as my friend called them.   My socks are always knee highs that go up to my upper thigh, and they never match either.
               Once my school counselor asked me if I wore the clothes I do for attention.  She said that the clothes someone wore reflected their personality.  I told her that if anyone had the personality of my clothes they should A) be locked up in an asylum or B) get shot in the head.  Needless to say, I got a meeting with her for that comment.  Maybe I should learn to keep my mouth shut?  The golden rule is shut up isn't it?  J Bad things happen to those who don't keep their mouths shut.

Here are my insane/acid pants

Here is me in my amazing B# sweatshirt

Hannah, I will read you tomorrow.

Quote:  Josh: "And then all these people started coming out from Iceland, and they all looked like Bjork! All of them looked like Bjork! There were tall Bjorks, small Bjorks and they were all speaking her language, which isn't really a language. It's just kind of noises."
Alex: "Surely that's not racist."
Josh: "It's not racist, they're white."
Listening to: "Here Comes My Baby" covered by Sons of Admirals
Currently Reading: The Davinci Code by Dan Brown


  1. Is Cassidy that one friend you hang out with?

  2. And sorry, but it is not Friday. :)

  3. ARGHHHH it is not Friday. It is Thursday. :)

    Cassidy used to be my best friend, but now I have a new two person passe and Cassidy is just a band friend. :)

  4. :) Thanks for adding me on nerdfighters!
    Two people isn't much of a passe, but who am I to say? Haha.

  5. Oh! You're the same person. :) I should have figured, considering your Aim name and then your name here. (:

    Two people passes' are very good if the people are awesome.

  6. That sweatshirt is awesome, if you find more of them in your band room, send me one :D

  7. Those pants are incredibly awesome! We don't see clothing like that at my school because we have a dress code and stuff (plus everyone buys their clothing from AE). The craziest things I've ever worn to school are my Harry Potter shoes :)
    PS. Isn't "Here Comes My Baby" such an addicting song!!! I love Charlie!

  8. THOSE PANTS ARE COOL... and Katie's right, pretty much everyone at our school looks the same. (high five for redundant!) I totally get the not matching thing... also, your school counselor come to you and asks if you have an issue, ours is just there like once a week and we can sign up to see her... your school worries about you turning out well ajusted and sane and my school doesn't to the point that I went t o see "The A Team" today and thought that Murdock resembled one of my friends... but while their caring for you sanity is neato the idea that you get forced meetings for comments like that is rediculous... I can remember someone coming into a room and saying something along the lines of "My latin grade is going to lead me to suicide" and everyone (including the teacher) just nodding and continuing the conversation that had been going on before the latin person entered the room.

  9. Those are the best pants I've ever seen! Crazy, nerdy style FTW!

  10. When I get sent to the counselor's office it's a good thing.