Monday, September 20, 2010

Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

This week's suggested theme is relationships. It's very sad to say that the only boyfriend I had was from 8th grade, and that ended very, very badly. So I can't really talk about my experiences, but I can certainly give you my thoughts..? Although I think we get enough of that from reading John's books.

I know that my punishment is LONG overdue, but I promise, you will get something next week. Hopefully in a form of a video? I went to our Ning group and looked at the list of punishments again, and I must say, they are very creative. I give props to Tenley.

These were the ones I had in mind.

- Create a meal using at least 10 ingredients, and it can't be something normal, it has to be a little strange. A few of the items can be normal, but then add in something kind of outrageous... and of course, try it.
- Go out into your town (a populated area, please) and scream DFTBA initialisms. You can take them straight from Hank's DFTBA song if you want, and you can include don't forget to be awesome, but also include some weird ones.
- Host a tea party (or some kind of party) with dolls, or if you don't have dolls, books, statues, action figures, anything you have will do really.

Y'all can vote on something for me to do, otherwise I'll just choose and hopefully it'll meet your standards.

Tenley, I'll read you tomorrow.


  1. I made up those punishments at about 2AM one night... I was little slap happy. lol

    I vote... um, idk, I'd enjoy watching any of them. Maybe, the second one? It doesn't it really matter to me, whichever one you want.

  2. I think that number two is good too. :) I think it's probably the most embarrassing without being too time consuming.


  3. I think number 2, if possible please make a video!