Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gay Pirates and Ninjas Live in Peace and Harmony

Hello girlies it's Thursday, and that means that it is Haley's turn to blog.

Well today was my second day of school, and I just finished some writing some bad ass notes for math class.  I had Journalism to day and we are going to make the most frakking awesome yearbook of all time.  No kidding.

I wrote this story for my friend Katie, because she wanted me to. It is a children story, but it is a bit... funny sounding for children?  :)  I'm not sure how to explain it.  You'll see.

Once upon a time there was a ninja.  This ninja was very lonely.

Once upon the same time there was a pirate.  This pirate  was very lonely. 

One day the two of them decided that they should go make some company.  So they both went to a speed dating function. 

Coincidentally they had both gone to the same speed dating thing.  Of course, really it isn't coincidentally but coincidences make better stories.

While the two grew up they were taught to despise the other race.  Pirates and ninjas were not to mix.

The two got to talking about all the terrible people that they could set up with for speed dating.  They both learned a very important lesson.  They were gay.

They also learned that ninjas and pirates could live in peace and harmony.

The second one is the moral, the thing about them being gay doesn't count as a moral.  Sorry.

I hope that all of you loved it. 

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DFTBA lovies.