Monday, September 13, 2010

Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

I have no idea what this week's theme is, and I have no idea what to write!

Soooooo. School has a been a real drag, college is strange. Especially if you go to a community college. It's a mix of both worlds, because it feels kind of like high school, but there are a lot of older people there too. I have a seventy year old Indian grandpa in my Astronomy class. People are always "lending" money , and people bum cigarettes off each other easily, and freely. It's very strange.

I feel a little bitter that I decided to choose this path, when a lot of my friends are attending schools that are out-of-state, and I wish I had guts to do that. I'm not getting a wholesome college experience, but hopefully I'll do what I can and transfer in two years. I'm also kind of bummed because I took my driving test last week and I totally bombed it. I was nervous and I did a lot of stupid mistakes, and my next test is in October, so no car now. I'll just have to depend on my friends and parents to get to place.

On a much happier note, I went to an art show on Saturday, and it was SO AWESOME. The theme was Japanese street fashion and everyone came dressed up and THEY WERE SOOOO CUTE. I took lots of pictures, and I want to put one of them here, but I can't find my USB cable. :/ I really love art, all types.

So, if no one has decided a theme yet, I want to ask all you bloggers, who's your favorite artist? Or what kind of art do you like?

I'll read you tomorrow, Tenley. 

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