Sunday, September 19, 2010


Hey girls, it's Sunday!
Sorry I didn't blog last week I thought about it for a few minutes and then I forgot. I have skillz. Anyways, I vote we get rid of themes because it's just hard to figure out what they are and such. But since it's my turn ( I think?) I'll put a suggested theme that you don't have to follow. The suggested theme is relationships.
So if anyone has read a few blogs of mine they'd know that Robby is.. well was my boyfriend. The was is because we broke up on tuesday.
Now a little history of Robby, we became friends in 8th grade over the DC trip and he started dating my friend Hannah so he and his friend joined our lunch table and we hung out at after school, so yeah we became friends. Now Robby is more or less my best friend among Emily, JoAnna, Kenneth, and Hannah. Before we started dating I told him pretty much everything and we talked a lot. Everyone thought we should date and I will admit that we really do seem perfect for each other. We like and dislike almost the exact same things and we yell quotes at each other and yeah, we seem perfect. So, this summer I figured out he liked me and we started dating in July.
I broke up with Robby for two reasons.
1. It really didn't seem like a real relationship. Basically, it was exactly the same when we were friends except some hand holding and people made fun of me. In the end, the lack of real relationship and the crap I got from people wasn't worth it because....
2. I didn't like him like that. When we started going out and a couple of weeks before that I thought I liked him, but after a few weeks of dating him I realized that I really just didn't feel the same way. I really wish I did, life would be easier that way because... well to quote Misty "It's easier to like someone that likes you than to like someone that doesn't."
Anyways, It was more fun being his best friend so I told him Tuesday afternoon that I'd like to just be friends. He took it very well and we are friends again and although it's a little awkward and I feel bad.
Overall, that's the extent of Romantic Relationships I've had (if you could call it that). Overall I'm really glad I broke up with Robby even thought it's just a bit awkward and I feel bad.
Well besides that, last week I went to Chicago to go to the Art Museum, it wasn't that fun of a trip, I took a Chem exam which I got a 97% on, and today I saw Easy A with JoAnna and Emily and it was really good.
I'll read you tomorrow Jasmine!!!
Less than three,
Katie Z
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"No woman is a genius. Women are a decorative sex. They never have anything to say, but they say it charmingly. Women represent the triumph of matter over mind, just as men represent the triumph of mind over morals." - Lord Henry from The Picture of Dorian Grey
For some reason misogynyis funny.


  1. Fuck you and your 97% with 3 freebies bitch. Sincearely, Emily and her goddamn 89% wit6h no freebies.

  2. freebies, bitch* also, you need to give me credit as the source of your title.

  3. I agree with you on the whole theme dilemma, it is really too troublesome. And I love Good Eats! Alton Brown is my hero.