Sunday, September 5, 2010

Being Lazy

Hey girls it's another glorious Sunday! It's a good Sunday because I don't have school tomorrow because of labor day, yay! This week we had our first sci-fi club. We watched Waterworld which is a terrible movie and ate food. It's more or less the best club ever. Also this week I gave my boyfriend a signed copy of Artemis Fowl #6 (his favorite book) for his birthday along with a pokemon themed birthday card... with stickers! Inside I wrote: "you know you're awesome when your girlfriend gets your birthday card from the children's section" Yeah, I'm an awesome girlfriend. (btw, he reads this blog... HI ROBBY!)
Further news this week. I started driver's ed this week with Emily, everyone there seems a bit skeptical of us because we always wear collared shirts and skirs/dresses and talk about school constantly... they think we're insane.. they're right. Also, I aced my french and japanese quizzes, did alright on my precalc quiz, and aced one english quiz and failed on another. CONSISTENCY!
So Hannah picked out the theme: Write a children's story.
Now, Hannah, Emily, and I all have an advantage because we had a project in 8th grade where we got a 1st grader as a buddy and then we interview her, hang out with her, and then wrote a children's story with them being the main character. i'm betting than Hannah, Emily, and I are going to cheat and use that.... Well, Emily might use her other short story she wrote last year which I LOVED and it kind counts as a children's story, but whatever. SO basically, I'm slacking off. My buddy's name was Kitti and she loved cats. I basically hit the jackpot with mine because I LOVE CATS TOO!
I now present my story
Kitti's Kitty Adventure
Once upon a time Kitti was swinging on a tire swing in the playground. She was swinging so high she could see the entire playground with all the kids running and sliding on slides. The sun was up and it was a beautiful day with green leaves and a brilliant blue sky. Kitti was enjoying the warm near summer weather. She was going up and down and it gave a refreshing breeze after being in school all morning. Some of Kitti’s friends came over to her and yelled, “Come on Kitti! Let’s go play tag!” Kitti started slowing down to get off the swing. While she was getting off the swing something caught her eye by a group of trees. It was furry and had bright eyes. She stopped swinging and went to go look. The furry animal was a kitty, it was all black and bright green eyes that reflected in the sun. The kitty went up towards Kitti and then another kitty appeared that looked exactly like the other came up, soon tons of kitties that looked exactly like the others appeared. Then they all yelped “MEOW, MEOW, MEOW!” Seemingly chanting to a rhythm. Suddenly Kitti turned into a Kitty! Kitti ran back to the playground to her friends trying to ask them what happened, but all they heard was “meow, meow, meow” and the petted and hugged Kitti. Kitti ran off into the woods realizing that she was a cat. At first Kitty was scared and then she thought, “This is awesome!” Right then, Kitti heard a scream. Kitti ran to where she heard the sound to the dense forest. First she didn’t see anything, but then she saw it! Up in the tree it was another cat! The cat was stuck in a tree and couldn’t get down. Kitti called to the cat “Hold On! I’ll save you!” Kitti climbed the tree and grabbed the cat and climbed back down. The cat was black with shining green eyes and it’s fur was all tangled and messed up with leaves from the tree. When Kitti and the cat came down from the tree the cat said “Thanks so much! My name is Millie. My owner, a fourth grader, brought me to school for her VIP day and I got lost and stuck up this tree. Thanks so much!” Kitti replied, “I’m glad to help. Your owner must be worried! Let’s get you back to your owner.” Kitti and Millie went back up to the school and snuck past all the kids to the fourth grade hall. There was a girl crying out in the hall. Kitti and Millie went up to her and when the girl saw Millie she was so happy! She hugged Millie and started heading to her class.When the girl was picking Millie up. Millie looked to Kitti and started chanting “Meow, Meow, Meow, Meow.” And with that, Kitti slowly turned from a kitty into a girl again! Kitti was amazed and so happy. She loved cats, but she wasn’t sure that she wanted to be one forever. Kitti ran back to her classroom. And luckily she got back right before snack. Mrs. Foland came in and said “Class,we have a special surprise. A fourth grader is bringing in her kitty. Her name is Millie!” Kitti smiled and went up to pet Millie with the rest of the class, knowing that she would never forget that day. And she quietly whispered…


In the printed out version given to Kitti, there were hand drawn pictures, but I didn't scan mine so I don't have them. I hope you enjoyed my story!

Less than three,
Katie Z

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just watched: West Wing (SEE! I watch good things too!)


  1. Just by the way I will be cheating but not in the same way that Katie did. Im not going to use the story I wrote for my buddy but I am going to use a poem I wrote in 8th grade that I dearly want to publish into a children's book.