Wednesday, September 22, 2010

If You're Uncomfortable With Sexuality You Shouldn't Read This Post... Okay, Honestly, You'll be Fine.

Hello lovebirds, it's Wednesday.
On this lovely little Wednesday, I, Emily Blue, am going to talk tell you a little something about...Romance. Turn down the lights, light a mosquito candle, turn the Arcade Fire on at a low setting and lets get started.
So dearies, lovers, girls if you prefer, here is the one biggest rule of serious romance... Okay, okay, fuck it, I don't know anything; my closest "lover" is my kitten, Magger McJagger. We sleep together all the time...Yes like that; NO, NOT LIKE THAT! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE!?
No, but really... I'm a fifteen year old girl with no romantic experience. I recently had a dream in which this boy I like and I were dating (we didn't do anything, I just knew we were seriously dating) and in this mythical world he was my cousin? I ran around in circles screaming "YOU CAN'T LIKE HIM LIKE THIS, HE'S YOUR COUSIN," the entire time. He isn't my cousin, in case  you were worried. So Blow out the candles, turn up the lights, and turn up the music... I'm done addressing the theme.

Do you guys have those weeks where it feels like two really muscular guys are using your head to try and break down a brick wall? This week is like that for me. Just ow. I got my midterms though and my only worry some grades were math and AP US which was to be expected and they should both go up so, it's all good. 

I don't really have much else to say about this week... except that it feels like monday was last month.

I'm going to sign off by saying, Haley, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: The Doors of Perception... I should have finished last week, but I didn't have time.
What I'm watching: Next week: House on Hulu... so excited
What I'm listening to: "We Used to Wait" by Arcade Fire


  1. You forgot to talk about your boyfriend ems! *smiles sinisterly*

  2. It's funny that you would choose Arcade Fire to set the "mood". And Magger McJagger is a cool name for a kitty, do you shorten it to Mag or Maggie though?

  3. Maggie is actually her name... my younger brother named her.. I just call her that... sometimes I just shorten it to Magger. Also, thank you.