Sunday, September 12, 2010

Total Lapse of Brain Function

Hey Girls it's Sunday,

Yes I do know that I am supposed to blog on fridays. My brain lost function and I totally forgot that I needed to blog. Kinda like I forgot the blog existed which is really bad but here is my story anyways. Its a poem that I wrote in 8th grade but I think its really good and would make an amazing children's book. I  want to publish it but have no idea how to do so.

PB & J
by hannah horsfall

I have a little brother
Who is only 5 years old
He is sweet, innocent, and kind
He likes to make up stories of things he sees every day

Just this morning he told me about a jelly sky
That loved to play with others
And then he told me of a peanut butter mountain
And how it liked to play alone

Then one day came when it began to rain
And jelly fell everywhere
The mountain was covered
As well as the bread ground

The jelly was so sticky
And it couldn’t be removed
The peanut butter mountain tried to get away
But the jelly was stubborn and it wanted to play

Then a little boy came along and said what an odd combination
He was curious and had to try it
And when he did he couldn’t deny it
This was the best he had ever tasted he needed another

So the peanut butter mountain and the jelly sky decided, “Let’s end our feud!”
If one boy could love them why couldn’t another?
So they began playing every day
And as they suspected, millions of children needed another.

Always the Purplest,


  1. Aww... I like the poem, its adorable.

  2. Your PB&J poem is wayyyy better than the piece of crap I wrote. I can never be a children's writer.