Thursday, September 30, 2010

Procrastination, thou craven malmsey-nosed barnacle!

Mornin' gals.  I suppose though that it isn't morning for you.  It's morning for me though, and since I'm a terribly narcissistic person, I will just think about where I am, and what time it is while I'm writing this.

Last week I forgot to blog, when I mean forget I mean the kind of forgetting when you don't remember until you're driving to softball on Sunday at eight in the morning.  That is some serious forgetting.

Before I forget, I would just like to say that today marks the 50th Anniversary of the airing of the Flintstones.  Ain't that just a barrell of monkeys'?  I believe that it is.

It is 7:19, I had to wake up at 5:30 due to my PROCRASTINATION.  See? I was on the internet searching random crap that no one cares about, and didn't read last night.  So I had to read for an hour and a half this morning.

At the moment I'm PROCRASTINATING by typing this blog post.  What I should really be doing is eating breakfast, due to the fact that I have Journalism this morning, and I'm leaving in less than fifteen minutes.   Come to think about it, I think I'm going to finish this later.

It is now 4:38, and I am done with my homework.  I suppose that by finishing this I'm procrastinating by reading.

Now I shall make a list of what I do when I procrastinate:

  • Watch Degrassi.  (It works.  This show is so drama filled that most of the time I can't wrap my head around it.)
  • Sing (Most of the time it consists of either modern Disney [Hannah Montana/Jonas Brothers] or Musicals.)
  • Search random crap on Google

Can't think of that much stuff right now.  :)

DFTBA gals. :)

Reading: HUNGER: Sequel to GONE (Can't remember the author.)
Listening:  The Coolest Girl from AVPS
Social Studies Teacher: What's the capital of North Dakota?
Student: Pierre! Wait!  DAMN.
Social Studies Teacher: I'm sorry, that's wrong.  Plus the answer isn't damn either.

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