Friday, September 3, 2010

Gosh I don;t know what to write because Katie and Emily stole everything.

Hey girls its Friday! And my first blog in a while.

So update time:

Favorite thing in the room I'm blogging in:
-I'm in my bedroom and I got new green furniture which I adore. I got a desk, dresser, and a bookcase/nightstand.

Pointless Blog:
-I was gonna blog about my injury and a bunch of scientific terms for stuff but then i realized that that is actually interesting so i got stumped and was gonna write about how to assemble a fish tank but i lost the manual.

This weeks blog:

        Best friends. ummmm....... my best friends don't live where I do. They are Katie, Emily, JoAnna, and Robby. I also have some friends here but I'm not as close to them as I am to the previously listed friends. Their names are Alan, Lukas, and Todd. Alan is someone I only met about a week and a half and ago but he is so nerdy and just like us it is amazing. I talk to him all the time. And I truly mean that. We are almost always talking. Lukas is my french buddy who is also kind of nerdy. I helped him jump a level in french over the summer by giving him my amazing verb folder. It has all of the verb tenses and is so helpful. Todd is my super smart genius friend. He is taking all the same core classes as me and gets A's in EVERYTHING. It is so not fair. Luckily, this year he is in my study hall and my math class so we can help each other with homework. Thank God cause our teacher is insane. Oh and I have a foreign exchange student in my french class and my study hall. Her name is Mia and she is super nice. She is from Germany.


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