Thursday, September 2, 2010

rawrgh. Thinking of a blog title is hard.

Howdy bloggers it's Thursday.  W00T W00T!

Hmm.  Well it's only 8:30, so there is probably some law that says that I should be conserving my summer vacation, but I woke up early.  I've actually been waking up early everyday, which is a bummer. It's probably some higher power paying me back for starting school so much later than most of my online friends.   On that subject, I feel like the internet is getting more baron everyday, at least baron of my friends.  Today my last to friends that I email regularly went to their first day of school.  I guess that means that I'll have to clean my room again?  Poop on that. 

That is Katie.  She is just ravishing.  That is at our Best Friend-iversery.  So if you didn't already pick that up... Katie is my best friend.

Hmm. Let's see.  Let's talk about Katie.  I met her in third grade.  We used to shake outhouses together, and talk about the slutty girls at her elementary school who stuffed their bras.   I believe that she was born in the same place that we live now.    She has two cats who I don't know the names of because she just talks about how much they pee and poop and they are always locked in the laundry room.  She has a dog named Poopy, well actually her name is Piper, but she answers to Poopy.  She has a mum, and a dad, she always talks about much she hates her dad,  I always try to convince her that she doesn't hate him.  Katie also has three siblings, she says that she hates  them too, but I don't believe her.

Katie and I basically hang out with each other only because we don't like most other people.  We did have this other friend named Abigail, but then she started getting jealous, so she started hating me, and then she told Katie that she could only have one of us, and she picked me. 

Katie has a weird obsession with math teachers, and she loves Snape to the point of obsession.  We had a birthday party for him.  We made cupcakes. 

Maybe I'll go try and find a more appealing picture?  She'll probably be a bit upset if that is what everyone sees.  Oh well, she'll get over it.

There is the most recent picture of us.  I've just noticed that I have an inability to really smile in pictures.  Katie looks nice though, and this blog post is about her.

WHOAH!  I just realized that I'm wearing the same shirt in those two pictures.  Ewwy! :D 

Farewell bloggers.  I'll see ya'll next Thursday.

Currently watching: Fitness for Nerds.  Again and again. :)

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