Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emily got brain-raped.

  Hey girls its...mhmmmshpfftttah. wednesday.
I am typing this using blogger so... NO SPELL CHECK... I'm using blogger as I am currently having "new thing addiction" and I want you to see this... I adore Ben Folds and this is excellent:" The Things You Think

So today I got mind raped:
I had my first D(ocument)B(ased)Q(uestion) ever... I had 42 minutes to write it and I just feel violated... the average grade is usually a C... that said I'm kind of absolutely in love with AP US. Anyways now I feel both physically and mentally exausted... I feel physically exausted because I don't sleep much... Today all I had was reading for english which I could do really quickly, but I don't wanna so maybe tomorrow morning? Probably not...

My best friend is a coat hanger swan. Yes...

I'm tired... I going to sleep...

I guess I should actually add in something on more on topic.
Katie and I have the same best friends...
The Crucible. There is Scotty then Jodie then Katie.
I shall profile her.

So this is katie and I. She is the one looking at the soul stealing machine.

I am finding it hard to find pictures and I'm too tired to actually write something. I can't find a lot of pictures I want to use of katie as she takes most of the pictures... a lot of them are of for I am an attention whore. She's good at taking pictures though... puting those in and poing imediately to bed, haley I'll read you tomorrow exaustion... maybe I'll steall some of haleys awesomeness and add actual content tomorrow... we shall see.



  1. I haven't done a DBQ in two years, but the second I read that paragraph it took me right back to the days of AP US.

  2. I'm digging the cat. I miss AP US. It was a funtastic class. :]