Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Hello Girls, it beith Wednesday...

SO... today was my first Advanced Chemistry test an both Katie and I feel like it went really well which is good. 

Homecoming is this weekend so this week is spirit week and we get to dress down and wear themed stuff... Monday was nerd day which is cool, but we 10th graders were in chicago at the art institute which was really pretty cool. Tuesday was "on the board walk" (AKA: Jersey Shore) which was obnoxious... some people took it to the extreme and went pirate which was cool. I didn't dress up. Today was going to be "street cred." but parents wrote in saying it was racist so it got changed into "wild west." (AKA: Cowboys and Indians ["No, no it's not racist! Caleb, I'm a fourth Cherokee!"])  I wore a plaid shirt and a jean shirt. I have these friends where one of them (Jimmy) Dressed up as Pocahontas and the other (One Mr. David Chaykow.) dressed up as John Smith, which was really cool even though that's the east coast. Tomorrow is spirit day and Friday is classy day.

Two more weeks of drivers' ed. 

Super busy/ kinda tired.

Haley, I'll read you tomorrow

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  1. That's cool that you all have "Classy Day". Does that mean you come swankily dressed to school?