Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tenley's a BAMF

Hello girls, it's Tuesday... at least for a few more minutes. I wasn't even that busy today, I mean sure I have a lot of homework, but had it not been for my excellent procrastination skills that wouldn't have taken so long. No, the real reason I waited so long to post this is because I forgot. Kind of. I'd have random moments throughout the day where I'd be like; "its Tuesday, I have to blog" but then I'd follow that up with "meh, I can do later". And now its later, so let's get on with the blogging.

During one of my breaks from homework today I decided to go outside and explore the woods by my house. Because I moved about two months ago and being the indoor person that I am I hadn't really explored it yet. But I do really like playing outside, so today I did that. And I discovered that the woods by our house is really cool. There's lot's of fallen trees, some of which still fighting to be considered trees by refusing to fall, others just in amazingly pretty positions and some that are just great for climbing. In fact at one point during my experience in the woods I started reminiscing those days in middle school that me and my brother would play outside and make up really elaborate and awesome stories. Sometimes we'd be secret agents, sometimes Indians, sometimes we'd create a town of people in renaissance France. It was awesome, and I've missed it. 

But anyways, eventually I found this hill within the woods and it had been overgrown with branches and trees and weeds, but I instantly wanted to stand on top of it. Unfortunately to get there you had to either walk through the mushy bramble of sticks and weeds (some of which may or may not have been poison ivy) or go across this one solitary log. Now, I don't have perfect balance, but I have fairly decent balance so I choose the log and began to go across. And it went great. I mad it to the other side and then noticed that the log ended and I had to switch to another log. I tried this, got but somewhere in the process I slipped and fell into a pile of sticks and who knows what else.

The result: My right leg, from the knee down is full of bloody scratches and scars. I don't actually mind it that much though. Sure, it stings a little, but after awhile the pain becomes natural and the stinging actually feels... kind of, good (for lack of a better word). Mostly I told you that story because I didn't have anything else to talk about and having an epic battle wound has made me feel kind of bad ass.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently (re)reading: "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman
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