Wednesday, October 27, 2010

"You're Just Like an Angel; your skin makes me cry."

Hey Girls…it will be Wednesday! Full disclosure- I’m writing this on Tuesday because this week looks like it might get busy and that means that I’d probably make this last priority or forget it all together and tonight I don’t have so much to do… kind of… tonight I have to:
            1. Study for my AP US quiz tomorrow. There are nine pages of notes I haven’t looked at yet… (My teacher posts note on the weekend that are essentially equal to a day of lecture we didn’t have time for- two weeks worth of these. Then he was sick on Friday so he put the notes he would have lectured over up too. Nine pages in all… “Tonight’s
gonna be a good, good night… Woohoo” *lolz*
            2. Spanish Homework… that’s joke… I’ll do it five minutes before class and on my grade comments he’ll compliment “my hard work”… Spanish 2 isn’t really challenging.
            3. Revise my short story. I should do this. I really don’t want to.
            4. Work on cases for Debate. I need to do this too… I kind of want to… on the other hand I could lie in bed and listen to Nirvana. Guess what I’ll probably do…

Now let’s talk about why this week might end up being ridiculous… it probably would. Let’s go through tomorrow.
1.     Model UN meeting- 7:20 tomorrow morning.
2.     AP US Quiz.
3.     Math Quiz
4.     Chemistry Quiz
5.     Talk to teacher about short story -oops...
6.     Play practice until 5:30
7.     Debate practice sometime.
8.     Homework

Thursday (free- er)
1.     Chem. Lab (no big deal)
2.     Bowling match meet game thing
3.     Halloween dance that I’m probably not going to, but I don’t know.
4.     Debate prep.

Friday (no school)
1.     Doctor’s Apointment
2.     Play Practice
3.     Party at friend’s
4.     Debate prep

1.     DEBATE
2.     DEBATE
3.     DEBATE

1.     Homework
2.     Halloween

Then next week is play week so lot’s of practices with performances of Friday and Saturday. Busy. Especially Tomorrow.

What else is happening? School. The Play. I think it’s going to be good (ish?). Pretty psyched.

Now then. I was going to write a proper blog, but I actually do need to do other stuff.

What I’m reading: The Scarlett letter, Hopes and Prospects
What I’m listening to: Smells Like Teen Spirit
Quote: “I'm worse at what I do best and for this gift I feel blessed. Our little group has always been and always will until the end”
"if 'success' sucked, god would have spelled it slightly differently" -Ezra Koenig

... so today:
1. I suck at congressional debate
2. AJ scares me a lot... too smart...
3. People who work at the comic book store and Starbucks think Scotty and I are dating (katie's older brother) -we are not; it's not like that, if you were wondering
4. Forgot to go see the teacher...
5. being the only set crew member is hard. There were a lot of "I appreciate you"s which really means: "hey, you just messed up, you're running around like an idiot, and we're all a little annoyed at you"... I prefer it when they say "I appreciate you"... still... sigh... I love it anyhow...
6. I have a short story to edit.

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