Saturday, October 2, 2010

I am the procrastination master.

Either this week's theme is procrastination or everyone just likes to explain what she should do instead of blogging - or both? In any way, I like that and I will share my procrastination secrets with you!
Right now I should... probably study. University started last Monday and I have crazy much studying to do already. I also spend almost all day in lectures and dissection course, so no life for me until December!

What you can do to procrastinate - a list by Sarah

1. Google how to underline text in Blogger. Seriously, Blogger, you don't have a button for that!?
2. Clean up your room if you have to study or do homework.
3. Watch TV or series if you have to clean up your room.
4. Check Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailybooth, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailybooth, Tumblr, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Dailybooth, Tumblr.
5. Write To Do lists.
6. Look up prices for random flights.
7. Read some design blog like Noquedan.
8. Sing along to various Disney songs.
9. Take stupid funny pictures of yourself.
10. Sign up your cat on Facebook.
11. Google random words and see with what Google comes up in the suggestions.
12. Google yourself.
13. Go to Google Maps, set it to Get Directions and type something like Tokio - New York and see that it will advise you to "Kayak across the Pacific Ocean".
14. Go shopping. Nothing better than that.
15. If you should study, order and organize your stuff first. Make labels and post-its.
16. Check Facebook again.
17. Rewatch Nerdfighteria videos.
18. Play addictive games like Sims, Burger Shop or Plants vs. Zombies. Also Neopets works great.
19. Spend much time on formatting and choosing the right font instead of actual writing what you have to do.
20. Blog.

While writing this I noticed that I really had problems with coming up with stuff you can do, so I was wondering what I usually do when I procrastinate? And I do procrastinate a lot, so I guess I just really check Facebook too often or something :D

Have a nice weekend and DFTBA,

Listening to: Alex Day - The World Is Mine
Currently reading: still "Pretty Little Things". And many many Anatomy books.
Quote: "Procrastination, running circles in my head" from Simple Plan's When I'm Gone. I have that stuck in my head since I started writing this post.

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