Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The DMV and Math

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday. So, I just remembered it was Tuesday about a minute ago. I wasn't even insanely busy today I'm just really stupid. But let's talk about what I did do today. First, I went to the DMV... so you know, *blows party blower*. Yeah, not so much. I had to go there today to get a Virginia driver's license because I've been cleverly avoiding it by continuing to use my Michigan license for two years. And while my old license is still legal till 2012, I'm 19 now and thus Virginia can't restrict my license because of my age, plus I would have had to do it eventually anyways. But anyway, nothing exciting happened there; I waited in line, I read some of "The Graveyard Book" and I took a horrendously bad picture. The end.

After that my day consisted of math homework, playing Super Mario and watching Youtube videos... so that was fun. But, I actually still have math homework to do and I have to work early tomorrow morning so I'm gonna go do that and cut today's blog a little bit short.

Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "The Graveyard Book" by Neil Gaiman
Currently listening to: Myself, groaning... I hate math.
Quote: "why would anyone know that." pause "I want pretzels." ~ Me, about twenty minutes ago.

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