Wednesday, October 20, 2010

It Was Wrong On So Many Levels

Hey Girls, it's wednesday and I didn't blog last week... I meant to... and then I left blogger without posting and then I realized I did it, but was way to lazy to do this again. So blogging. when I'm at school I can never remember what day it is, sometimes it seems as though monday  was yesterday, sometimes it feels as though monday was last month. Take last wednesday. I feel like last wednesday was a month or so ago. That said I had a four day weekend starting last wednesday. I have things I have to do for school and life (like go to bed by 12) so I'm going to list off some stuff to say... next weeks blog- I'll write it this weekend.
1. new Bo Burnham cd- I'm not a big Bo Burnham fan, but I subscibe to him on youtube and his new song "Oh Bo." is currently my embar-ijam.
2. Went to my first debate meet- lots of fun.
3.  doing set crew
4. wearing purple for gay rights
5. school good (rape- good, drugs- good, ice cream- good, ice cream+ drugs- best *thumbs up* [debate joke])
... okay, going to go read the scarlet letter and chat con katie.
Haley, I'll read you tomorrow.

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