Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'll always be by your... SIDE

Hello bloggers.  It is Thursday.  In the past minute I've just proved a point to myself that I've proved many times before.  When you look at a word for too many times, or when you look at the separate letters of a word then it doesn't really seem like a word any longer.  Many people do not understand this theory, for instance my science teacher doesn't understand at all.  I was talking with my lab partners, or whatever I should call them, and we were talking about 'Elvis.'  At first the word 'Elvis' looked like 'Elvis,' and then I realized that when I look at a word multiple times not only do I forget how to spell it, but I also start anagramming it. Elvis can be anagrammed to: Evils, Lives, and Veils.  I find the last one to be sort of... blah?  But the other two interest me.

Now you darling readers may be wondering what got me on this disastrous topic in the first place.  Well I went to a random word generator and it gave me the word 'side.'  I looked at it and then I just began to hate the word.  The word 'side' looks like a big piece of poop to me.  Is there a name for someone that fears the word 'side?'  How many times can I say the word 'side' in one blog post?

I feel like I'm prepared to say something.  Something that I've been milling over for a bit.   Something that I'm now finally able to say without knowledge of it.  Eighth grade sucks.  I've already been through a month of it, and it isn't even fun yet.  This really disappoints me.  I mean it is my last year of middle school before high school!  Shouldn't they make it a bit more... I don't know?   Exciting?  Less terrbiel?  One of my teacher is an absolute poop face!  (Pardon my french ;) )  Another one acts like he's on drugs ALL THE TIME.   It is not how I want my eight grade experience to be.

I've just thought of something that I'd like at least one other opinion on.  I was wondering how people can get bad grades in sixth/seventh/eighth grade?   If you even pay attention for half of a class you will understand everything, but yet people are just stupid, they act like their brains have been scooped out or something.

If anyone hadn't noticed I think that my theme this week is rage?  Maybe annoyance?  Maybe I'm just ranting?

On that note I'll leave you. :)

What I'm reading... Going Bovine by Libba Bray

What I'm listening to...  Game Shows Touch Our Lives by the Mountain Goats

What I'm watching... An old Asian lady is pacing in front of my house and I'm ready call the police.  Also there is a couple of teenagers making out across the street.  It is quite disgusting watching them so I'm going to stop.

Bailey: "My elbow was stationary!  You ran in to it."
Me: "Your freaking elbow is hanging off in to my seat.  Move it or I will eat it.
Bailey: "You my friend are the devil."
Me: "And you my friend, are a fart."
As you can see, I'm sort of the queen of insults. :)

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  1. Eighth grade sucks a lot. I'm sorry... you expect so much and it let's you down... looking on the bright side high school is better in a lot of aspects... at least for me... still, sorry.