Saturday, October 9, 2010

Meet the future Mrs. Doctor

Girls, I almost forgot to blog, but then half of you liked my Facebook status and I reminded myself. So finally Facebook did something good after keeping me from studying so often ;)
It's already Sunday here, but shhhh, don't tell anyone.

What happened that week?
I'm in 'university mode', that means I have no life except going to lectures and courses and study. I have dissection course everyday, so I'm cutting stuff off a corpse for two hours in the afternoon. That is actually very much fun, although no non-medicine student can understand that. In this course we are in groups of eight people and I was very very lucky to get together with eight very nice and funny people. Also my tutors are so nice and I'm very glad about it, because I heard stories about tutors abusing their power and just being total assholes. So overall I'm happy for a change and I don't even mind going their every day. Of course, all the studying sucks and I would happily skip all the exams, but I guess that's not an option.

I just scratched myself in the face. That hurts. Can you imagine that I have a scar on my leg because I scratched myself accidently with my fingernail?

I watched all the new episodes of all the new seasons of all the series, but so far I only really like Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother I like a bit.

Actually not much happened this week, at least nothing really interesting. So just have a nice weekend and DFTBA!


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Currently reading: still Pretty Little Things, don't have much time for reading

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