Wednesday, October 6, 2010

hello dearies, it is wednesday.
I actually have a lot I have to do today... like write an essay... os let's get crackin'.

... never saying that again...

anyways: holidays
My favorites are Guy Fawkes Day (I DID LIKE IT BEFORE) and Halloween... also Autumn as a whole. Pumpkin lattes and extra cinnamon and nutmeg and such are amazing. So are pumpkin ice cream and pumpkin waffles. I love the way the air is crisp and cool. I love the gorgeous changing of the leaves. I love rain... I love crunchy sounds... I love apples... I love dressing up. I don't do haunted houses or scary movies, they freak me out too much, but I love  dressing up and hanging out with friends and being the last ones out trick or treating when it seems like anything could pop out from that corner. I love candy corn. Autumn. Tell your friends.

SO what's happenin'...?
I have one more driver's ed. class and we're taking a test, but in yesterdays class we talked about substance usage while driving and the entire time I kept thinking "You know, I feel like this doesn't apply to me... my friends would never do this... I mean sex: sure, drinking and drugs: not so much." ...Which was nice to think... Also, I laughed at a video about dead kids... it was a bad video. I have my first debate meet on saturday so I iz super psyched. Nervous about my second AP US test of the year and MUN try outs tomorrow... scary. OK! so that's it. byez.

Haley, I shall read you tomorrow. 
Quote: Chaykow:"You're a fascist."
Steve: "What's a fascist?"
What I'm reading: a bit of everything
What I'm watching: the sphere.
What I'm listening to: eh, some Radiohead, some MGMT, some Regina Spektor. A LOT OF ARCADE FIRE. Some Ben Folds.

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