Wednesday, August 25, 2010

And Emily Dies A Little Inside

Hey girls, my head feels like there is a semi driving full speed into my forehead... also it's wednesday, also AH.
Just a by the way, when my head hurts I become a bitch. Raise your hand if you already thought I was a bitch *we all raise our hands*... good, so we're all in agreement.
"I got in one little fight and my mom got scared; she said 'you're movin' in with your auntie and your uncle in bellaire'."
... I am insane.
So girls, wanna know why I chose wednesday as my day to blog? because I would never forget it's wednesday because wednesday is uniform day (also death day) at my school. I hate uniform day. Also, wednesday is the hardest one to spell and I like bein' difficult.

So today sucked and I kind of just wanted to crawl in bead and die because I have a cold and my nose is really runny and my throat hurts and I got a quiz back and I don't like my score so much and my head has hurt all day and I've been listening to the mountain goats all day  (which is good, but so, so sad) and my nose is so stuffed up that I have to breath out of my mouth. And I left the book I need for my english homework at school. Also Ester died and while I'm a narrsasist who didn't really know anything about her cept that she was 16 and had cancer it's like MAJOR STORY TOPPED also it made me think about my own mortality because it's like, I'll be 16 in 2 months and I'm not done living, SO YOUNG it's just an example of "you don't have to be old to die." I mean, you don't even have to be 16 to die. I could die now; I could die tomorrow; all the people I love could die at any second; all the people I like could die at any second; all the people I might have liked if I had known them could die at any second; all my enemies could die before I get revenge; WE COULD ALL FUCKIN' DIE, MAN and there would be so many things I haven't told people... no one would know where the treasure was burried... he wouldn't know I like him; they wouldn't know I value them as people; I WOULDN'T BE ABLE OT BRING MY AP US GRADE BACK UP! Morality is a heartless bitch... oops, morTality is a heartless bitch. I could go back and fix that, but it's just to awesome as it is. Mortality is a bitch and I'm a vapid narsassist (that can't spell).

So I named my calculator "lying bitch" by the way. I am considering changing it to "lying whore". tell me what you think. Also it's wrong a lot. I guess it's only good for making me sammiches to nom on... hey, hey, hey; you know why it doesn't need to wear a watch? BECAUSE THERE'S A CLOCK ON THE OVEN! ...lolz... misogyny... lolz. (this is what a feminist looks like)

SO... about the theme... I guess I might have put you guys at a disadvantage. "soorry." There is back story. "Cool story bro" is slang. also sarcastic. I ran into it for the first time on facebook chat when I was talking to that ginger I like that i keep talking about soorry I'll try to stop #runons. Do you know how hard it is to recognise sarcasm on facebook chat when you're trying to reply quickly and intelligently? It's supa' hard, man. Basicly I told him a boring story that one of my friends (katie, why does your brother like to screw me so much. ugh.) who is also his best friend (pretty sure?) told me I had to tell him. He doesn't know I like him. well, didn't. maybe still doesn't. he replies "cool story, bro." Not knowing the slang or recognising the goddamn sarcasm (he's canadian (well, was) and I'm a jew, who should be recognising who's sarcasm?) I reply "somewhat, yeah" SOMEWHAT YEAH! *MEGACRINGE* I knew it was a boring story; I had no idea why he would find it interesting, but you know, if he did I would play along. as soon as I saw my response on the chat I recognised how wrong it was, but it was so too late to correct it. Now, every time someone says "cool story bro" I die a little inside. Also, with the soorry thing, he was Canadian, he;s a US citizen now, he still says "Soorry" instead of "sorry"... he does it on purpose; he's lived on my street for more than ten years; I still find it really cute. It's eleven thirty here. I have more to say, but I'm sick  and I need to read my lab for adv. chem. and go to be so, um, night girls.

Hayley, I'll read you tomorrow.

Watching: Um... well... nothing... school... this weekend I shall catch up on royal pains, white collar, psych (probably), as well as maybe some movies with some friends or something? we need to make plans
Listening to: The Mountain Goats, Radiohead, Neutral Milk Hotel, hopefully I'll get over my obsession with The Mountain Goats and Neutral Milk Hotel's "Communist Daughter" by friday so I'll sqeeze in some Arcade Fire and normal, not newly added music (my cousins gave me a USB with 174 new songs on it. I love those boys.)
Reading: Fail, it's nothing again. Well, "A People's History" By Howard Zinn in AP US also the on going pile. Not really getting far in either.
Quote: "I'm sorry, are you being sarcastic? Canadians have a hard time recognising it because we don't have a big Jewish population." -Donny Baker, 30 rock... also... "Spain was the super; they should have won, but then WHOOPS- Spanish Armada" -AP US notes


  1. I always have a problem picking up on sarcasm via text. Except when I'm talking to my sister, I think because I knew her well enough to know what all of her common phrases mean.

    I hope you feel better!

    Oh and about your calculator's name, I like both, but I feel like "lying whore" has a better vibe to it. Think about it, your class is all silent and then out of nowhere, "argh... stupid, lying whore!"

    Also, you probably shouldn't actually do the above in class. Just FYI. But if you do, you should tell us about it, or film it... either or. lol

  2. For me it's totally easy with some people to pick up on sarcasm via text, and with some others it doesn't work at all. I think it depends a lot on the person...

    I also vote for lying whore, sounds better :D

  3. Er... that's a nice story, Emily.

    And I'm so excited, because The Mountain Goats will be at this music festival next Saturday, and I am super excited to see them! I love Radiohead and Neutral Milk Hotel too.

    So even though you may be a bitch, at least you have good taste in music. Woo hoo!