Saturday, August 28, 2010

Being not very creative.

Hello girls, it's the last Saturday of August - can you believe how fast time passed in the last two month?

Yesterday I thought of thousand things I could blog about, but of course I don't remember anything of it today... I really should always write everything down.
Random facts about me:

1. I would never touch my laptop without washing hands before. If I touch something else while using the computer - I wash my hands again. It's probably my worst habit of all.
2. I don't like Harry Potter. The character I mean. I think he is whiny and arrogant and I was always more a Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy person.
3. I hate Red Bull, but I love Red Bull Cola. (Did you know that Red Bull is Austrian? #patriotism)
4. I check my Facebook every few seconds. Sometimes I don't even notice it.
5. My iPod touch is called Achilles.
6. There are feathers under my bed, but I can't find the bird. That's why I sometimes hate my cat.
7. I have 2994 songs in my iTunes. Hmm, if I think about it I should download six more songs RIGHT NOW to have 3000!
8. I have 3004 songs in my iTunes. Newest is the album of Taylor Momsen's band The Pretty Reckless. I think I like it.
9. Puppies are cute.
10. I loved playing Sims 2, but since I have a Mac I can't play it anymore and that sucks so much.

Yesterday I went to the bookstore and left Nerdfighter notes in John Green's books. It would be so cool to make new Nerdfighters here :)

Damn Facebook too bloody addicting,

Listening to: The Pretty Reckless - Makes Me Wanna Die
Currently reading: nothing. I ordered Looking For Alaska and should get it next week (I already have the hard cover version, but I lend it to my Spanish friend, so I can't have it and I SO want to read it. Besides I love this paper back cover).

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  1. I really need to get on the nerdfighter note wagon the next time I'm at a book store. The ones you made are so made of awesome. :]