Monday, August 9, 2010

I'm Not Dead, Just Stupid

Hey bloggers, it's Monday!

And yes, I didn't blog last week, and the week before that. And I don't know what we're blogging about this week! And I'm pretty sure you're tired from the old themes so I'll just talk about random stuff.

So today, I am going to go to my elementary school reunion, and I haven't seen these kids for over 7 years, which will be very interesting. All of us have grown up and I'm very different from the little snot-nosed brat I was. We'll all be very surprised and just the other day, one of my old classmates contacted me online and I had a hard time recognizing him. I vaguely remember a Brian that I square danced with in 5th grade, but he looks very different from the short, mild-mannered Brian I knew from my childhood. So this will be very new experience that I'm looking forward to. 

So sorry again girls, I have no actual excuse for what I did. I'll be using my pass and I'll also do a punishment. I'll take on whatever you guys can think of. 

Tenley, I'll read you tomorrow. 

Edit: Like the idiot I am, I didn't realize that it was my turn to choose the theme. So this week's theme is.. guilty pleasures. So bloggers, write about a guilty pleasure that you have and we'll decide if it's really that bad. For the most part, I think we can all relate.

So my guilty pleasure is actually pretty disgusting. I enjoy looking up videos of people using Biore Pore Strips. It's really gross but I find it fascinating when people just pull off all this gunk they have on their nose. 

I dare you.


  1. Jasmine, it was your turn to pick the theme!

  2. I was going to say, "yes, that is as bad as it seems". But then I watched that video... and found myself equally as amused watching someone pull of their pore strip. So, I guess you get a pass on that one. lol