Sunday, August 29, 2010

These are my Vegetable Friends

Bueno Dias Girls, It's a beautiful sunny Sunday!
I'm in a good mood today. I made a decision that I should have made months ago, I'm reading Mockingjay, Jim Parsons won the Emmy for best lead actor in a tv series, my mom, scotty, and I just finished watching two episodes of the West Wing, which is really good.
Yesterday I dug holes at my school and then hung out with Jo JoAnna JoJo JoAnna and Emily (I have a thing for chants).  We ate at Zianos which is amazing and we read college books, walked, took pictures, and watched the Producers.... we are such nerds :). Right now, I'm attempting to write an essay about Cheating and the American Dream... FUN!
Also, my cat has a twitter account. Her username is legendofkitteh. Check her out :)
@Hannah, We have a field trip to Chicago on September 13, I realize it's unlikely that we'll see you, but still, yay!
Anyways, TO THE THEME!
This week's theme brought to you by helpful Haley is Best Buddies (actually, it's best friends, but alliteration rocks)
My bestest buddies are Emily Blue Warshauer, JoAnna Bormann, Hannah Horsfall, Kenneth Harkenrider (not really, but I mean, he's a good friend, not my best friend, so he counts) and Robby Brothers (he's also my boyfriend, but before that he was my "bestest buddy in teh entire universe" so yeah)

Emily Blue Warshauer

doesn't she look lovely

Emily Blue Warshuaer was born in Fort Wayne, IN. She has two younger brothers, Ross and Miles. Ross is athletic and popular in his grade (surprisingly enough). I think Emily and Ross are sexually involved, but I have yet to get a secondary source. Miles is Emily except younger and Male. Through Emily's early childhood she was always friends with the boys. Later in Lower School, the boys left her because I assume they realized "girls are icky" and then Emily's female friends ran away from her. I don't blame them :). Emily's aspriations as a child were very high. She wished to be a struggling student poet (at Harvard) living above Starbucks who would eventually die along at a very early age. Soon she discovered an amazingly awesomely kind girl named Katie Zellner and she prayed to Mao every night so that she would be her best friend. Mao granted her wish and Katie and Emily bonded over Harry Potter. Thet are now currently pseudo-sisters. Emily's interests include gingers, communists, social studies, history, pompous democrats, reading, annoying people, and squirrel fishing. She is either pompous or has an alarmingly low level of self-confidence. She is crazy and she has an Freud action figure with which she accuses people of being in love with their parental units. One day, we all plan to kill her... There is a 50% chance I'm kidding. That's pretty nifty.

JoAnna Bormann

Emily's gonna steal JoAAAAAAAna

JoAnna Bormann has lived in Fort Wayne, Indiana for ages. She has gone to Canterbury for forever. More or less, JoAnna Bormann is always there. She has 3  brothers and one little sister. Chris, the oldest, is kinda annoying and socially awkward. JoAnna is next and then there's Rebecca. Rebecca is a lot like JoAnna except she's shorter and younger and a bit more annoying. Stephen is next, he's autistic and JoAnna's family and friends participate in the Walk to Talk every year to raise money for research. Daniel is the youngest, I don't know much about him.  JoAnna met Katie Zellner in third grade when Katie was a new student. JoAnna was very nice to Katie, but she considered Joanna a bit too weird until the end of third grade when they became very good friends. At some point in fourth grade they became best friends. JoAnna, unlike Emily, is a very talented indivisual. JoAnna can sing well, she is atheltic, and she has some moral value. However JoAnna has anger management issues (ALL OF MY FRIENDS DO). JoAnna read the Harry Potter series in 7th grade and that's when this friendship became SERIOUS. Really, JoAnna's known me the longest and that's why she's awesome. 

Hannah Horsfall

I don't know the orgin story of Hannah. I know that she once lived in Texas and her Aunt lives in New York She's a mystery!!! O_o. Anyways, Hannah's been one of my bestest friends since (5 or 6)th grade. To be perfectly honest I didn't like her that much at the beginning because she was 1. pretty 2. a cheerleader and 3. seemingly perfect. This kind of people bother me. However, I started to warm up to her pretty fast. Hannah was interested in theatre, student government, science, math, cheerleading, swim, (track? i think you did track), writing childrens books, french and a bunch of other stuff. Hannah was a seemingly normal girl, but I changed that (along with Jojo and Ems). Hannah is a crazy awesome Harry Potter nerdfighter and is again very awesome. One time she came over and had Halloween with me and she was some kind of pretty circus ringer person thing and I was a milk carton... yeah I won. We played pokemon snap often. She used to date my boyfriend and then when she didn't want to go out with him anymore she asked me to tell him, but then I didn;t have to and I was thankful because that would've been awkward. One time, JoAnna, Emily, Hannah, her other boyfriend and I went to Chicago to the Harry Potter Exhibit which was awesome. I'm reminiscing about Hannah because she moved to Chicago and I miss her!!! We need to talk okay?

Kenneth Harkenrider
Kenneth is the short ginger on the right
I don't really know why I put Kenneth on my best friends list, he's not really my best friend. He's one of my very good friends that I talk too often so I think he counts! I know absolutely nothing about Kenneth's past (which is surprising). I know he's gone to Canterbury for a long time. He has two little sisters Camille and Amelia (short red head girl named Amelia... :D ). Both are very nice but they are quiet and afraid of me. His dad is the high school PE director and his mom makes the BEST BREAD EVER! I'm making him making her teach me how to make it. His father is my brother's best friend (father = pseudo father). I don't remember how/when I met him, but I didn't really become friends with him until 8th grade.  As you can see above, he plays guitar and is in a band called Snow Day. He also, cooks, knits, watches Food Network, phography-ies, and computers. He and I text in french and have been in an on going war to see who can defeat the other in french class (he always wins) He's more or less a more awesome and ginger version of me excpet not.. Kenneth's actually a terminator sent from the future to kill John Connor. That's why Kenneth's good at everything and hasn't grown taller.
FUN FACT: I kinda, sorta, possibly used to like him.

Robby Brothers

Robby Brothers was reincarnated from a dinosaur and that's why he wants to be a Paleontologist when he grows up, so he can prove that dinosaurs were purple and had funny voices. *high five if you get the reference(s)* Robby has two younger sibilings. One is named Floyd and he's weird, funny, likes Doctor Who,  and awesome. The other sibling is Michael and he seriously injured himself when I was in 8th grade. He also doesn't like Doctor Who. I like Floyd better. Robby's dad was my 8th grade science teacher. He gave me my irrational fear of airplanes. Mrs. Brothers is really nice... yeah that's all I got. Anyways, I've known of Robby's existence for forever, but I didn't actually *know* him until we were in the same advisory in 6th grade. I brought in brownies on snack day and he litereally licked the tray clean. I didn't really become friends with him until 8th grade which is hard to imagine because it feels like we've been friends for forever. Anyways, Hannah had a crush on him during the DC trip and he liked her too so our friend groups sat with eachother during dinner in DC one time and we had conversations about books and stuff. After the DC trip I no longer had fear to hang out with him during After School (we were always there) and we talked about stuff. We bonded over Artemis Fowl, Warriors, Frank Caliendo (he's hillarious) and when I became a nerdfighter I showed him one of John's videos and he loved it. We've really been friends ever since DC. One thing I remember very very well about 8th grade was when Robby told Kenneth I liked him. MEANIE PANTS :P!! So now he's my boyfriend and that happened either the 2nd or 3rd of July. I had invited people to watch random movies and stuff at my house and Robby was the only one who could come (He swears that he didn't cause that, but I'm still suspicious because Sarah G's excuse was "I'm Sorry Katie, I want to go, but I have to sleep in the middle of the afternoon) and throughout the course of the thing I realized he liked me (it took a long time though). By the way, one of the things we wacthed was HP6 and during the part where Ron and Harry are lying in bed (yeah ems, like that) and say
"Why does Dean like Ginny"
"I dunno, she's nice, smart, funny, pretty"
"yeah, I mean she has nice skin"
"are you saying that Dean likes my sister because she has nice skin?"
"no, I'm just saying it could be a contributing factor"
"huh.... Hermione has nice skin"

Well, Robby says that that doesn't actually happen. I'm really really dissapointed. 

Well anyways, those are my bestest buddies. I hope that was somewhat interesting!!
Jasmine, I'll read you tomorrow!

Less than three,
Katie Z

Watching: West Wing
Reading: Mockingjay
Quote: "King Henry VIII had many wives, but he had a true love for England" - my History book WTF!!!


  1. AND YOU ARE THW ONLY EXCEPTION *runs to katie from across the room. they grab arms and swing around in circles* best description of me eva'