Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Angsty Tenley is Angsty

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday... no its not, that was a lie. Its 1:22 AM on Wednesday morning... my bad. I didn't even forget it was Tuesday, I knew it was and I knew I had to blog, and I was going to... just as soon as I re-watched old "Make it or Break it" episodes on iTunes (I should have blogged about that during guilty pleasures week). In the past like five minutes I considered several different things to write about, one of which being a list of pathetic excuses for not blogging on time (btw, I think this is the second time I've blogged late. I don't know if that's punishable, or if we're still doing punishments, but if it is I totally accept whatever's coming). But, as fun as that would be, I couldn't actually think of many. So instead, I'm going to... um, tell you 10 things in my room that mean absolutely nothing to me.

1. My alarm clock. God, I hate mornings, and I hate the bastard who invented the alarm clock. Honestly, repetitive beeping? Really?
2. My garbage can. Which is currently overflowing with cups and plates, thus making me look like I a) had a party in here (which I did not) or b) eat way to much junk food.
3. My trophies. Their either from little league sports where they give you a trophy for showing up or from this Awana program my old church put on. Either way, not very impressive, in fact, a tad embarrassing.
4. My work uniform. Kaiki pants, a red polo and very uncomfortable black shoes that are falling apart... they just scream sexy. *sarcasm*
5. A box of tissues laying on the floor that's been there for like three weeks/the last time I was sick.
6. The college textbooks I just spent to much money on. Don't get me wrong, some of my classes should be interesting, but 180 dollars for an access code, not even a book, a code for my math class just sucks.
7. This old belt on the floor that's falling apart and really can't be used anymore and doesn't even look good.
8. The pile of laundry that's taunting me because I refuse too set aside my laziness and wash it.
9. This pen on the floor that falsely leads me on to think it writes in pink (because the outside is pink) so I use it and then it just writes black.
And finally, 10. The bed sheet that keeps falling off my bed everytime I go to sleep. Argh...

Ooo... angsty. I realize this post makes me seem depressed and kind of angry, I'm not. I'm actually having a great day, I just couldn't think of anything else to blog about and it seemed pretty uninteresting at the time.

Anyways, its 1:41 AM now, so I'm going to tell myself that I'm going to go to bed but really go back to watching "Make it or Break it" reruns. Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.


Currently reading: Okay, let's get this over with because I know its going to make me sound emo. "Panati's Extraordinary Endings or Practically Everything and Everybody". The first chapter's called, "Death: The Ultimate Ending". Believe it or not, its really fascinating... I'm a dork.
Currently listening to/watching: "Make it or Break it"... duh, did you read the post?


  1. 6. 180 dollars and you don't even get a book? o.O Sucks. My books for university are also so expensive, you don't get anything under 30 Euro (about 37 dollars) and most of them cost around 70 Euro (88 dollars). But I found out that Google scanned in quite many of those books, so I don't have to buy all of them anymore :D

  2. I think we are still doing punishments.. I haven't gotten around mine yet, because I haven't prepared a day and time to do it.