Thursday, August 19, 2010

Your mother is my favorite thing in the room...

Hello Girls it’s actually Thursday, but it’s Emily who is currently blogging.

SO… about how late this is…lemme explain. It starts yesterday. I woke up at ten which is fine, but I still hadn’t finished my summer reading book, but I had to finish it yesterday because today I start school… anyways… from 10-12 I procrastinated (keep in mind I was about 40 pages in to a 387 page book and really bad ADD that I only medicate for school) I read 4 chapters and answered the corresponding questions… then I procrastinated some more… at 1… same thing… essentially until 4 o’clock when I was still on chapter 16/43… then I got serious… until dinner at 7:30. At 9 I got back to work until 10:30 or so when I got on skype and had an argument with Katie that she went offline in the middle of causing me to go outside and run around the house screaming to keep it from distracting me… at 11 it was still distracting me so I went and ate a spoonful of chocolate icing or 2 out of the container which calmed me down. Then I read ‘til 11:40 when I had to fold all my laundry… then at 11:45 I got back to it and finished the book at 1:30 at which point I promptly fell asleep… 347 pages in one day (you’re a star; you’re on top; somebody get me some HAM [‘cept I don’t eat meat] –Liz lemon, 30 rock).

SO… I blog from my bed so my favorite thing I hard ‘cause I have all my Harry Potter stuff and all my childhood friends (*cough cough* they’re stuffed animals #indoorkid) and my great grand mother’s needle point and all my clothing and technology and more than 50 empty pop cans (pop is soda if you didn’t know)… I’m going to say my books are my favorite things. I own a lot of books. I have a book case full at the lake house and so many books here that not only do I fill all of my shelves I have 2 rows of books (1 in front of the other) and I’ve run out of space in the book case so I have to put books on top of it. It’s not a small book case.

So blogging about going back to school then getting up, getting dressed, and going back to school. I go back to school with Katie at 10 o’clock this morning. We’ll probably get there at 9:30. I get to be respected now because I am not a freshman… hoorayz!I’m going to die this year as well because I have a hard schedual and I want to do speech and debate and model UN and science Olympiad and backstage work for the winter play… with AP US in my schedual.

I got to goz now…

Haley, read ya’ later

What I’m reading: cleared for school
What I’m listening to: get back to Hogwarts AVPM (in my head)
What I’m watching: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (you should go see it as it’s super mega awesome foxy hot… also… read the books)
Quote: "Seizing opportunity; right where it lies/ The sky will fall we will rise" -The Mountain Goats


  1. I almost never finished books for school. When you have to read them for school, they are destined to suck anyway (if you read them later they are okay).

    My sister also collects pop cans, but 50 - wow.

  2. Wow... this sounds like me doing every summer reading assignment I've ever had. Except, some I never actually finished. So in that sense, you win.

    Also, I suppose I should have seen this title coming when I picked the theme. lol