Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Stroke of Brilliance

Hiya Girls it's Sunday!
We have 10 followers! That means 3 of them aren't us!
My Life news:
I have a kitty named Zelda. Look at Zelda, she's adorable

Also my brother, Scotty, is now a legal adult. this scares me greatly. Look at Scotty, he's sideways because I'm lazy.

So I was waiting waiting waiting for Tenley to get online to tell me the theme of the week and I had a brilliant idea, I shall just use last weeks theme since I didn't blog! I like this idea and now I won't have to wait to figure out the theme.
So if I recall correctly the theme was Guilty Pleasures. I have lots of those.

My first somewhat-guilty pleasure is *dramatic theme music*
Watching and Singing songs from disney/barbie/kid movies
When I was a child I was OBESSED with barbie and the movies and such. With the dolls it was like writing a novel without the writing bit. I made up completely unoriginal stories with them (it was usually beautiful girl who can sing gets lost in the woods and finds a castle. she's taken prisoner by a monster. she falls in love with the monster. prince finds her and takes her away to be a slave. monster finds her. monster becomes a handsome prince.) Now what story does that kind of really sound like? (answer: beauty and the beast: extended plot)
My favorite Barbie movies were between the Princess and the Pauper and Barbie in Swan Lake. I still know all the songs to Princess and the Pauper and all of the ballet dances in Barbie in Swan Lake.
I sadly still watch these (I watched Princess and the Pauper a few days ago along with Barbie diaries).
Disney movies I'm not really embarassed of. I love Hercules, Beauty and the Beast, Hunchback, and many more. Disney was brilliant and I love the company and the founder.
I also loved Anastasia and Swan Princess but those aren't Disney

Second Not-Very-Guilty Very-Much-So Pleasure
Pokemon: Okay, I own the first season of Pokemon and I listen to songs such as "Together Forever" and "Pokemon Johto" from Pokemon because Pokemon because it's brilliant and I love it. The games, especially gold/silver are amazing and I love them. Pokemon basically was my childhood and I'm still obsessed with it

Third VERY-VERY-Guilty Pleasure
Pretty Little Liars.
I'm sorry, I've only seen a few episodes and it's so so bad but it's so so addicting. It's like Twilight except actually better and more realistic (although it is very farfecthed (like the pokemon))

Okay, it's two minutes until tomorrow so AUREVOIR!

Less than three,
Katie Z.

Listening to: Keep it Gay from The Producers
Reading: Huck Finn by Mark Twain and Warriors: Sky Clan's Destiny by Erin Hunter
Quote: "Oedipus won't bomb/if he ends up with mom/Keep it gay" - The Producers
Last movie I've seen: Scott Pilgrim (see it, tis awesome)


  1. I love Barbie The Princess and the Pauper! I think disney/barbie/kids movies should not be a guilty pleasure, it's just a pleasure =D

  2. May I just say that your brother looks particularly attractive in this picture (THIS IS A JOKE IN REFERENCE TO LAST NIGHT'S CONVERSATION; YOU KNOW HE'S LIKE MY BROTHER TOO) also, #3: hahahahahahaha.

  3. Barbie's were always so much fun... I kind of wish I still had some.
    Also, sorry I didn't get online in time to tell you the theme. My bad.