Tuesday, August 3, 2010

In ten years I want to have high speed internet

Well, actually, I hope I have that in the next few days. If I have to wait ten years I might die. Anyways...

Hey bloggers, it's Tuesday! Obviously since this is text you don't know this, and also its kind of irrelevant, but I'm blogging from Barnes and Noble this week. We moved Saturday, but our internet provider apparently doesn't share my since of urgency for high speed internet. Thus, I've come to the B&N to take advantage of their free wifi and also, because I'm a nerd, possibly buy a new book (I can't help it).

The theme this week is "in ten years" and I'll be honest I just counted on my fingers trying to figure out how old I'd be. 27... wow, that's weird to think about. If all goes well, I'll have my Masters in library science and will work at a library somewhere. I'm not picky on where, all I know is that I want to leave the town I'm in now. There's nothing wrong with this town, I love it, but I love new adventures and I can't wait to be on my own in a completely new place.

Anyways, I'm going to keep it sort this week because I have a lot of Youtube subscriptions to catch up on. Emily, I'll read you tomorrow.

Currently reading: "Going Bovine" by Libba Bray
Currently watching: The latest three Shaytard videos followed by lot's of other subscriptions.

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  1. I think it's really awesome that you're going to be a librarian. do you like cats? Library cats are the best kinds of cats