Monday, August 23, 2010

Cool Story Bro

Hey girls, it's sunday!
Emily says that this week's theme is "Cool Story, Bro"
If you don't know, Cool Story Bro is what you say when someone tells you something and it's not that interesting. Emily dies a little everytime someone says it so I don't know why she chose it as a theme. Anyways.
Because of the theme I will tell you 10 completely uninteresting facts about me/my day. (btw, 3 of you: Jasmine, Emily, and Hannah have not sent me a picture for John Green's bday card and given me a message to tell him. I chose a random picture on facebook and wrote something like Happy Birthday so yeah.)
10 Completely Uninteresting things about me
1. In Puerto Rico where I was born they hiphen the last names of the parents for their children so my name is legally Katherine Ann Zellner-Hines. This is apparently a problem because for my learner's permit that I got on Saturday it has to use the name that's on my birth certificate so now pretty much every legal piece of paperwork is going to say Zellner-Hines even though I've never gone by that.
2. I just finished my Bio homework that's due on Thursday. We have to make a table of contents and write the lab report questions in our composition book. My hand hurts now.
3. I have the same birthday as George Washington, Vincent Schantz (a guy who goes to my school), Addie (my friend)'s Aunts, Steve Irwin, My puppy, Drew Barrymore, Ted Kennedy, Robert Wadlow (the tallest person in recorded histroy), Edna St. Vincent Millay, and Charles VII of France.
4. For the video thingy for John I had to make a birthday message on paper so I spent a lot of time on it and then when I was ready to take the picture my computer froze and then the site said there were no more spots available. I was sad.
5. In Science Olympiad last year, my Mission Possible team won 2nd place, but the results got mixed up and my team accidentally recieved the 3rd place awards and my brother's team got the 2nd place rewards and they wouldn't trade. (btw, I would like to use this time to point out to emily that I beat AJ at something)
6. I have two Doctor Who posters in my room
7. I decided to read the Pretty Little Liars book series and I'm on the fourth one, but I'm pausing that for now to reread the Hunger Games books, but I'm not sure I'll finish those in time for Mockingjay.
8. My mom misplaced a thank you note from one of my friends and I just found it in the car on the way to the BMV and it made me happy.
9. Now that Robby's my boyfriend, my old crush is replacing Robby's spot as guy-friend-that-I-tell-stuff, i find this weird
10. I used to have a website where I posted blogs and youtube videos so Robby could watch them because his parents blocked youtube.

less than three,
katie z
Currently Reading: Hunger Games
Listention to: Mr. Blue Sky
Favorite Quote:
Guy in my math class: "Do we have to do partial fractions this year?"
New Teacher: "What's that?"


  1. story bro... were you actually competing against Aprox. Jesus directly?

  2. I actually think that fact #1 is pretty interesting. I like to think that some people would have pretty interesting last names if they were born in Puerto Rico...

  3. #10: They blocked Youtube!?!?!?!?!

  4. @jas - true. I guess I'm such an interesting person that it's hard to find something uninteresting... :)
    @Sarah- They're crazy. Don't get me started