Thursday, August 26, 2010

'Old People' is the Fastest Growing Age Group

Hello fellow Bloggers as you may have noticed, or you may not have, it is Thursday.  That means that it is Haley's day to blog.  Therefore... here I am.

So, this may come as a shock to you, but I am a person who is a fan of keeping pointless memories and then telling people about them that don't give a rat's ass, random trivia that will probably never be needed, and bugging people.  That means that this topic was the one for me.  Also I realize that it probably didn't come as a shock, because I probably seem like a relatively chatty person that likes the sound of her own voice, or I suppose in this case, the pounding of the keys.

Here I go...

Today I went to the dentist.  I like going there because my mom works there, and I like it how she complains about them at home, but at work they are all civil.  I got two batman stickers and a spider man sticker.

My schedule/life is messed up at moment becase I was usually go to my dad's on Wednesday's but instead I'm going tonight.

I have a training tomorrow to be a W.E.B. (Welcome Every Body)  leader.  Instead I call myself a G.O.T.N.  (Guide of the N00bs.)  It made me realize how close my school is to starting.  1 6/7 weeks.

*In the typical Canadian home, 45 percent is used for the toilet, 28 percent is used for bathing and personal matters, 23 percent is used for laundry or dishes, and 4 percent is used for cooking and drinking purposes.

I started/finished a book called Everlost today.  It was really good.

I read Mockingjay on Monday.  It was also very good.

I'm watching Old Spice commercials at the moment.

Well.  That seems like enough stupid stuff for me to say for the week.

Until next time! :)

- H-A-L-E-Y

Currently listening/watching to the sexy which is Old Spice. ;)
Currently reading (about to start reading actually) The Book Thief.

*From the Book of Useless Information: Thousands of things you didn't think you need to know... and probably don't.

If anyone would like to check it out, here is me shamelessly promoting my own collab vlog.

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