Friday, August 6, 2010

In ten years I'm going to be reading that we have posted around 3650 posts!

Hey girls it's friday! Guess what....?

In about half of an hour I'm gonna be 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(that's 15 exclamation points) Yah tomorrow is my birthday! If anyone wants to get me a present you know go ahead... no actually I'm kidding you guys don't have to get me a gift. But I would like it if you guys wished me a happy birthday.

So anyways... to the theme. That sounds like I'm saying to the lab. like in cartoons. But seriously I really like this theme. Thank you Sarah. So in ten years I'm going to be out of regular 4 year college and into um... pre-med? I think I'm not quite sure but I think that's right. Also I'll be drowning in student loan debt. I mean med school is gonna be freaking expensive! What else will I be doing an almost 25? um... I'll hopefully have met my soulmate. Maybe be getting married soon. I'll be helping my brother get through high school. I'll probably be doing a bunch of other stuff too but I don't know what. I love you guys. Good Night.

Sarah I'm really hoping that you find internet and blog tomorrow. I think that could be my birthday present from you. Just kidding but it would make me happy.

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Quote: In then year I'll be... oh god I have no idea.

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  1. I forgot to mention that I'll be going to SMU for regular college and then University of Texas for pre-med.