Saturday, August 7, 2010

In 10 years I'm saving lives

Hello girls, it's Saturday - and I'm home, so I have INTERNET. Can you believe that? I can use it as looooong as I want and I can sit at my desk in my chair and use the LAPTOP. Seriously best thing ever.

Sooo, Greece. It was really nice, I mean - four weeks of Greece, come on. On the picture above you can see the beach we stayed the first two weeks. It's a camping site where we stay every year since 1997 (except 2006, 2008 and 2009) and it's great as always. Okay, if you are not used to Greece you would probably think it sucks, but if you are used to it... for example, in one shower house there is only hot water. Boiling hot water. So you can't use it. In the other shower house, if you are unlucky, you only have ice cold water. And did you know that nowhere in Greece you are allowed to throw the toilet paper into the toilet? Their pipe systems are too poor...
Staying four weeks with my family was a bit too much, we fought most of the time, I think we are just too old for that kind of vacation. Four people on litte space without internet, it's a disaster.

In ten years I will have finished university and already work as a doctor (I hope). If everything works as planned I will finish university around 2015 and start specializing, which takes another six years I think. And then I'm a surgeon!
During specializing I already earn money, so I hope I can afford a nice appartment and have a cat. I can't really say much about my personal life in ten years, maybe I'm married by then? Well, it doesn't really matter, having a boyfriend would also be enough :) And surely no children. I don't say that I never want children, but I first want to establish my career before starting a family.
By the way, I have no idea where I will be in ten years. Maybe I will still be in Innsbruck? Maybe Vienna? Maybe somewhere totally else? I don't know :)

And last but not least:
Happy Birthday Hannah!

I hope you spend a great day and get many nice presents (we want to hear everything about it!).

Have an awesome birthday and DFTBA,
Katie, I'll read you tomorrow.

Sarah (the lost child)

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Currently reading: Dearly Devoted Dexter by Jeff Lindsay. I read 11 books in the last four weeks, that's more than in the whole last year.

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