Friday, August 13, 2010

Shoes and TV.... oh and baking

Hey girls it's Friday and I have to go to a stupid team building sleepover for swim team so this is going to be incredibly short.
My guilty pleasure is I love shoes. Specifically shoes that are on sale and shoes that are made by Simple. These are all natural shoes and are biodegradable. Plus they look really cool. I also love to watch TV. I know this sounds bad and is kind of bad. After all it does rot your brain or that's what my dad says. I love CSI and will watch Dr. Who reruns that I tape all day. Even when I've seen them already. Oh and finally I love to bake. Cakes, cookies, muffins you name it and give me a recipe and I can make it. That's all for today. I promise to tell you guys about my birthday next week. 

Always the Purplest,


  1. CSI and Dr. Who are amazing. That's all. lol

  2. Agreed. Yes. Sale and enviromentally friendly shoes are yummy. yes.