Monday, August 30, 2010

My Best Friend is a Mountain

Not really, it's just that her name is Whitney and her physics teacher has made small talk with her by linking her name to the mountain.

Hey bloggers, it's Monday.

And this is Whitney. Whitney is what you call my best friend, but really, she's more than that. I have many close and best friends, I suppose, but Whitney is almost like a sister. She even has the same last name as me! Which is an odd coincidence. I've known her since 7th grade and now that we graduated for high school, we have college. So Whitney decided to be gung ho and chose a nice private, liberal college that isn't in California. She goes to Reed in Oregon,that traitor.

I'm joking of course, I was happy that she decided to be more independent and adventurous, choosing a school that is so far away from home. I really miss her, even though she has only been gone for little more than a week, and I hope she doesn't read this blog entry, because it's cheesy.  

But yeah, our friendship is pretty crazy, and we spend so much time together that we think the same thoughts. I accuse her of thought-sucking but our minds pretty much work the same way, although she is 3431209169457856% smarter than me. And now I'm sad because I don't have anyone to go to shows with anymore, because no one likes the same music as me.

Tenley, I'll read you tomorrow.

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