Sunday, February 27, 2011

Dental Mental

Hiya girls, It's sunday!
Since I'm 16 now I've been looking at a Hyundai.
I had a pretty good week
but right now I'm feelin' pretty meek
Because TANGLED didn't win most original song
I thought that "I See the Light" was quite strong.
In my opinion I thought the new Toy Story song was sucky
Quite like an armadillio's love song to a duckie.
If you could not tell, this week's theme is dedicated to rhyme
which i like considerably more than eating a lime.
Tomorrow is a big day for moi
because I have dental appointments, quantified by the number trois.
I shall be getting my braces off
but it's much more complicated than that. *cough*
I was born missing four teeth, you see
(the bill must be equivalent to the awards at a grand prix)
I shall be getting two fakes and a bridge
and for a day I can only eat the yogurt found in the fridge.
These appointments also create a four day weekend for me,
the first time I thought of this I let out a squee!
Enough about my teeth
if my words were leaves you could create a wreath...
Miscellaneous stuff I have on my mind
include things that I find.
I have worry that one of my friends is angry
but that theory has no evidence (boy am I hungry)
I think I have run out of rhyming power
I now need to go shower.
Have a good week!!!!!
(I am pretty darn chic)

Less than three,
Katie Z.

Listening to: Losing Touch
Thinking: about pokemon and such
Singing: I See the Light
Quote: "Love is like a crab... that's something I should write"
Eating: Chocolate covered animal cracker
Acting like: I'm not a total slacker

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