Thursday, February 3, 2011

You have to wait for it to look like a butt hole

It's Thursday!

I'm going to talk about milkshakes because they are my favorite!

My mom makes the best milkshakes ever, and I guess that I"m not really sure how she makes them so I'll just have to wing it because I have to go finish my homework.


Ice Cream- It doesn't really matter what flavor, or how much.  Just eyeball it.  If you are hungry then have a lot, if you aren't... still have a lot.  My logic based off the fact that it tastes really good.

Milk- If you are lactose intolerant or shit.... TOO BAD. (If anyone of you are lactose intolerant... I'm sorry for being so insenstitive.)

Marsh mellow Cream- ah-maze-ing.

Hot fudge- Gives it extra flavor

Then when you blend it you have to wait for the hole in the middle to look like a butthole.  I'm not really sure what this means, or how my mom knows what a butthole looks like, but I just trust her.


Your welcome.

Now I have to go do my homework.


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  1. I am DEFINITELY going to try this! Sounds awesome.
    I liked Lord of the Flies, do you?