Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tenley shares the secret to making ice cream

Hey girls, it's Tuesday. In the spirit of honesty I should tell you that I was going to write this about an hour ago but I was busy playing Letterblox. It's really fun (basically its an anagramming game on omgpop). But anyways, the theme is desserts so desserts shall be talked about! Hey, I just thought of something, do you think this blog would be more effective if I wrote while eating ice cream? I think it would. Hold on. *goes to get ice cream* Okay, I'm back. *takes a bite* Mmm... delicious. Sidenote: On the way to the kitchen I ran into a wall. I just thought you should know.

Anyways, as far as desserts go I'm a huge ice cream fan. At this moment I'm eating a Drumstick. Except, its not actually a Drumstick, well it is, but it doesn't have nuts on top it has sprinkles so I don't consider it a Drumstick. Nuts are better... did I just say that?

I was going to do what Katie did an post a recipe to one of my favorites but then I realized I don't know any recipes. This probably has something to do with my lack of cooking skill. But that's not going to stop me, well it does stop me from cooking, but it's not going to stop me from posting a recipe. Enjoy!

Step 1: Go to kitchen. Try not to run into walls.
Step 2: Find the freezer. It will usually be located next to the refrigerator. Scan the room for this contraption. You are looking for a large box thing that gives off cold air.
Step 3: Open the freezer. This is a hard step so take your time. Carefully place your hand on the handle of the so called "freezer" and grasp it firmly. Once your ready, pull on the handle until the magic freezing machine opens to reveal its treasure.
Step 4: Rummage until you find what you desire. This could take anywhere from five seconds to three hours so be prepared.
Step 5: Once you have found it grab it and place the magic container on the counter/table so that you can find the necessary utensils. Those utensils include; a bowl, a spoon and an ice cream scoop.
Step 6: Once these tools are acquired fill the bowl with the contents of the magic container based on hunger levels, and amount left in the container.
Step 7: Take your freshly prepared snack to comfortable sitting position and enjoy.

Oh, what's that? You want a cone? Slow down there... we'll safe that for our next lesson. For now, just stick with what you know.

So yeah, that was a thing I did. I'm going to go play Letterblox again and then maybe do some homework.

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