Monday, February 28, 2011

The Limerick Adventures of Jodie and Hadley

This is the story of my and Jodie's time seeing the BRILLIANT musical Spring Awakening last week. In limerick form. How's that for rhyming?! :D And you guys had better appreciate this, because I'm rhyme-deficient and this took awhile... XD

There once were a Jodie and Hadley
who loved musicals very madly,
so when a show came,
(Spring Awakening by name)
they acquired some tickets most gladly.

When the night of the show was upon,
their loveliest clothes they put on.
At the theater they greeted
and then they proceeded
to fangirl and squee thereupon.

So in the midst of this display,
a security guard came their way
and said there were spots
that they would love lots
and in which the owners were nay.

Now, the show meant a lot to these two,
(one with Moritz hair gelled up like glue),
so when they were asked
to sit with the cast,
they knew all their dreams had come true.

They were led backstage and up stairs
and let to the set and some chairs,
some of which were kept empty
just up to the entry
of the cast, for these seats were theirs.

Now, Hadley had styled her hair
in a Moritz updo with great care,
so when he entered
and he sat next to her
they were quite a great pair to compare.

When it began, they shook in their chairs,
for the best view indeed was theirs.
They saw everything clear
(such as Melchior's rear);
every bit of the onstage affairs.

At the end of Act One, their ears ringing
from the very close band and loud singing,
they were led from the stage,
unable to gauge
if their faces would ever stop grinning.

The seats they had to give back
to the buyers who punctuality lacked
and so with this success
they went back to Row S
and cried through the whole second act.

The crying, I have to tell you,
was not for a lack of the view,
but because the plot had
gotten terribly sad
(and the talent no one could outdo).

When the story had sadly concluded,
to the stagedoor they instantly scooted.
Many signatures were gained
despite freezing rain
for stagedoorers just can't be eluded.

Some pictures they garnered as well,
with whom I simply must tell:
we met Wendla and Otto
and then won the lotto:
the photo with Moritz was swell.

There were a few other signatures, too:
Anna, Mel, Ilse, Hanschen, who
with his bottle-blonde hair
and his arrogant glare,
looked just like one Malfoy, I tell you.

By now, the girls' fingers were numb
and their ears still in pain from the drum.
As the cast bid farewell
and went to their hotel,
the girls got in the car, struck dumb.

In conclusion, you must understand
that things don't always go as planned
and these happy surprises
can always arise as
the chances are always at hand.  : )

(Does he not look like Malfoy? Srsly...)


  1. Hi!!! It's Jodie :)
    This is fantastic and basically exactly how the night went! I'm super impressed by your rhyming, Hadley :P