Thursday, February 10, 2011

Haley Whips Her HURR

HI! It's Thursday.  I will now let my wonderful friend (by "wonderful friend" I mean adoring slave) Katie  take it away:

Hello, bloggers. 
I am Katie.  I like Harry Potter, the internet, and other nerdy stuff so I think that I will fit right in on this blog.  I am also Haley's "best friend".  I don't think that it is okay to call me her best friend because, obviously, she is much too cool for me.  Now, I'm going to list off reasons why Haley is cool because this is her blog and I think that it would be very nice of me. Prepare yourselves. 
  • Haley is really, really. smart.  Every time she opens her mouth she spews incredible knowledge.  Just today she said, "I WHIP MY HURR BACK AND FORTH!" while shaking her head around. Can you say genius? 
  • Haley has a million + infinity friends.  I can barely even sit by her at lunch because her table is crowded by adoring fans.  I don't blame them, though.
  • Haley is THE BEST DANCER in the universe.  Refer to point one.
  • Haley is super awesome.  When she walks down the hallway people gawk at her,  drool dripping down their chins.  I would know, I do it too!
As you may be able to tell, I am kidding.  I bet you couldn't tell, though, I am just that sly.  Haley really is smart and awesome.  But... the dancing thing I am not too sure of.  Maybe I will list some things that are serious about Haley.  (Then I won't seem like a huge b*tch!)
  • She is actually really smart. 4.0 STUDENT, BABY.
  • She is HILARIOUS. 
  • We can nerd out together.  (And by that I mean we can be complete losers and not give a crap about what other people think.)
  • She has swagger.
  • She is my best friend.
So now you know the real Haley.  I hope you are happy that I told you about that.

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