Thursday, February 24, 2011

Jonas Brothers Overload?

I didn't blog last week due to the fact that I had no computer, but that is no excuse. I must be punished.  Think of a good one.

Here are some things that I haven't gotten to mention yet: WELCOME HADLEY! I am very happy to have a full week of blogging. :)  I'm sure that you will not disappoint.  (I have just been notified that the word 'dissappoint' has two of letter p in it.  Who knew?)  Also, congrats Tenley for getting in to your first choice for university! 

Honestly my opinions on Valentine's Day are very short but I do have a few things to say about it:

  • Personally, when I think of it I think of the Valentine's Day Massacre which doesn't make me get very lovey. 
  • I like corny love songs a lot.  Moulin Rouge's 'Elephant Love Song Medley' fits in quite a few of my favorites.
  • My mom gives me candy on that day... that makes me happy.
Now on to this week's theme:

I had trouble picking out a survey.  They just all sound so much fun?  I saw a few but I felt that the 75 question survey was too long so you get to be overloaded with the JONAS BROTHERS. I can tell that you are excited.

I'm going to answer that with my own question. Does anyone like the Jonas Brothers?

Absolutely hilarious.  I wish that he would go on a comedy tour right now.  Honestly though, is he supposed to be funny?
What if Nick dyed his hair blonde?

I would kill myself.  I have taken the liberty to make this happen though; here is proof.

Do I seem like a close personal friend of theirs?


  1. That was hilarious, Haley. Five stars, oh right, Blogger doesn't let you rate blog posts. Metaphorical five stars!