Saturday, February 12, 2011


Hello wonderful viewers of the Internet! This is such a vast place, isn’t it?
Hi, my name is Matt, and Hannah has asked me to be her wonderful (maybe I added that) guest on this blog. Of course, since I LOVE technology and the Internet, I said, “I would love to!” Plus, since today is her day (Yay!), I find myself more excited.
So, what do I like? I’m glad you asked, person with hand motions going “What?”
I’m mostly into technology, making videos, the Internet, acting, music, and entertainment, really! I like to be entertained. I really am into filmmaking as well, considering I also like to direct.
But! Here are some things about Hannah I really like:

1) Her sense of humor. I like it!
2) Her personality overall. This pretty much covers it all. She’s just an awesome person!
So what made this week exciting for it to boil on down to this Friday today? Oh, did you know? Today is actually Friday! Not Tuesday you crazy……people. Anyways! You want to know why my week was exciting?
Here’s a few things I find interesting, and also kind of pet peeves:
1.     When people say height and make it sound like heighth. It’s not HEIGHTH!!!!! IT’S HEIGHT!!! “T” SOUND!
2.     When people use the wrong there/their/they’re. It drives me so freaking crazy it’s not even funny.
3.     Same with your/you’re.
4.     Sneezes can feel nice. Never understood it.
5.     Why people don’t use their turn signals. What!?
6.     Same with headlights. It’s dark, you can’t see!
7.     Know-it-alls. Most of the time they don’t know.
8.     Why there are interstate highways in Hawaii. Last I checked, it was in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. But maybe our 2012 demise (yeah, like that’s going to happen!) has pushed the state closer. I don’t know!
9.     Verizon now has iPhone!

There are lots more but this list would be in the hundreds, let me tell you. These are just minute things I found this week.
Did I mention I love Apple? I hope I did, because I do. Oh so much, I do!
So, as this….interesting blog post comes to a close, I’d like to thank Hannah for allowing to guest blog on this wonderful blog that I read almost everyday! I would if Monday girl was here…....
When it comes to blogging, I find the most beneficial thing to do is to have fun when you blog. When you aren’t, it just makes the whole post seem so….empty. And I’ve noticed I’ve done a lot of this……… I’ll try to stop that. So, now I’d like to end with a quote:
“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind.”
Guess who said that? Dr. Seuss himself.
Farewell, viewers of the Internet! I salute you!
*salute hand motion*

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