Saturday, February 26, 2011

Sarah likes to shower

Hey girls, it's Saturday! I have found the most interesting survey ever - about shower!

1 Do you shower in the morning or evening?
Depends - when I'm with my boyfriend in the morning, at home in the evening.

2 Do you use liquid or bar soap?
Liquid, I hate bar soap.

3 Do you use shampoo and conditioner or just shampoo?
Shampoo and conditioner and it's important that it's the same brand and series ;)

4 Do you brush your teeth in the shower?
Sometimes, I'm a multitasker.

5 Do you shave in the shower?

6 Do you sing in the shower?
Never really.

7 Do you use a washcloth?
I use it for my face, but not in the shower.

8 Do you have a door or a curtain on your shower?
A door. Shower curtains are terrible!

9 Have you every taken a call in the shower?
Yes, just yesterday, because my friend called right when I started to take a shower. I turned off the water, though.

10 Have you ever showered in your swimsuit?
On vacation it's normal.

11 Have you ever showered with a member of the same sex?
No. Well, with my sister when we were little, but I guess that's not the purpose of this question.

12 Have you ever showered with a member of the opposite sex?

13 Do you share a bathroom with someone?
With my family.

14 Do you listen to the radio in the shower?
No, the water is too loud for that. I would like to have a shower radio, though!

15 Do you wear a shower cap?
No, don't need it.

16 Do you wash behind your ears?
Uhm, not really. Should I?

17 Describe your shower in three words
Hot, long, waterinmyface. Or did you mean my shower as a thing?

18 What one thing would you change about your shower?
More space to put shampoo bottles!

19 What would make your shower time better for you?
A shower radio. Or one of those color changing showers.

20 What celebrity would you like to shower with?
Tricky question. Probably noone, that would be a bit awkward.

21 What celebrity would you NOT like to shower with?
There's many. MANY.

22 What is the one thing you can't do without in your shower?
Water. Yup.

23 What is the oddest thing that has happened to you in the shower?
Hmm. I don't remember anything especially odd.

24 What is the best thing that has happened to you in the shower?
I got clean. Besides I'm always getting so creative in the shower and have so many ideas.

25 When was the last time you showered?
Today in the morning. Or well, noon. When I got up.

26 When are you going to take a shower next?
Tomorrow evening I guess.

So now you know a lot about my shower habits. I hope you are excited about it!

Katie, I'll read you tomorrow!


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